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History Reports | Quartermaster Best Friend

Instilling an audit-minded practice in the quartermaster’s role is truly part of the job. But providing tools that make that easy, and less work overall is an attitude any agency should adopt

Miranda or Not to Miranda

A solid understanding of when and when not to read a subject their Miranda rights is a crucial skill for any law enforcement officer to have. While Miranda rights are important and the rules surrounding them must be adhered to, it is not always necessary or advisable to read them to a person attached to a crime.

Proper Handling of Electronic Evidence

Electronic devices as evidence have become so ubiquitous in our lives that most jobs, (including being an effective law enforcement officer) can’t be done without them. From mail fraud to murder and everything in between, nearly every single crime committed will have an electronic device involved.

In Memory of Deputy Curtis Alan Felt

Too many times there are people that bring up the idea that police are “paranoid” of all the people around them. But one look at this incident, and you would be hard pressed to find a sane person in this profession who wasn’t overly cautious.

Audit Preparation | How Software Should Make It Stress-Free

Between rules, reports, and inventory, these things should be brought together in your asset management software system, so that as items are entered, assigned, transferred, brought in for repair, or whatever else comes up, each system transaction follows the rules your agency wants, and the results of which are collected into your agency-structured reports, and all data can be summarized into audit forms.

Asset Management | Preventing Theft

One of the unfortunate aspects of work as an asset manager is confronting the fact that theft happens. Rather than pretending that it won’t, and embracing that it can, makes up for half the battle in preventing theft of agency equipment. The other half should be based on the performance of the tools you have to do the job. Accountability does not have to be impossible.

Quartermaster | Developing Kits That Make Work Easier

The more your asset management software can do for your agency, the more time you can spend on critical missions, and not on administrative tasks. And we all know that’s only a matter of time before the next incident that requires all hands-on deck.

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff David James Wade

Our loss of Deputy Sheriff Wade is very fresh, and is painful for all those affected by his absence. The trial of Nathan Leforce has not yet begun, still in the preliminary stages. Regardless of the outcome, we can never get our Deputy back.

Quartermaster Work | Bulk Entry & Removal of Equipment

Quartermasters can have a complicated job when it comes to receiving equipment. Sometimes the shipments come in waves, other times they come one right after the other, and even still there can be times where they don’t arrive when they’re supposed to, leaving them with a void in their pre-determined workflow.

Barcoding | A Quartermaster’s Best Friend

Quartermasters have a difficult job. There’s no reason it needs to be harder. Supply your quartermaster with quality asset management software, along with barcode scanning hardware, and you’ll make it that much easier. And that means your entire agency can respond quicker to everything outside your agency’s doors.