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Asset Management Software Reports

When it comes to agency procurement, reports are inevitable. They are needed for many purposes, mainly meetings between administration, with council, even in public hearings. And from that standpoint, if you can keep accurate reports on the stuff your agency buys, it leads to the suggestion that you must not keep accurate reports on anything outside your department.

Quartermaster Work | Tracking Agency Money

Having asset management software that tracks the details about your purchases, the funding sources, and shows clear paths of how money is spent helps your agency administration with their roles as executives, and helps your asset manager fulfill the ever-important cost accounting role your agency needs.

In Memory of Lieutenant Brian J. Feldt

what sticks out in Lieutenant Feldt’s life is that there wasn’t a moment he wasn’t there for his children. On December 23rd, 2013, we lost a leader. But more importantly, we lost a great father.

Asset Trends | Making the Patrol Vehicle an Assigned Kit

Quartermasters’ and Fleet Managers have a symbiotic relationship. The Fleet Manager is in charge of vehicles, their maintenance, support, and of course, ensuring that inspections occur. Quartermaster’s are in charge of equipment, and for all the same tasks as they relate to equipment.

Asset Management | Linking Purchase Orders to Equipment

Asset managers are usually not the people involved in a purchase. And that means that lots of questions they get asked are for information they can’t answer, like if a particular purchase order number has been fulfilled, or what date a purchase order arrived, or what a purchase order contained.

In Memory of Constables Robert George Kennedy & John McChristian Bodenheimer

The known history of this incident is secured away, likely in local libraries, and difficult to put together due to sparse resources being available. But these two officers, who lost their lives while working for us, in the blink of an eye, deserve our remembrance now, more than ever.

Submitting Search Warrant

A search warrant is one of the most effective tools that an investigator can use to advance his or her case. It is also a very invasive action, as the law enforcement officer participating in the execution of the search warrant will be searching the private property of another citizen.

Interviewing Child Witnesses

Conducting a successful child witness interview is no easy task. In addition to extracting information from a person whose brain is only partially developed, the interviewer must also take into consideration the legal/political ramifications of conducting the interview and must also consider the potential trauma to the child that the interview may cause.

In Memory of 9/11/2001 Rescue Workers

For us at CaseGuard, September 11th, 2017 has a special place in our hearts: it falls on Monday, our normal publication date for our blog. We take time on this Monday, the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to honor the thousands of rescue workers who have passed, have been injured, and continue to suffer affliction from the activities of that ever-fateful day.

In Memory of Officer Ernest W Schilke

While we wish we could say this was the last time an officer died under these circumstances, a glance at the Officer Down Memorial Page tells us that officers have died routinely trying to save workers under similar circumstances. We can hope for change, but in remembering Officer Schilke, we should remember to make all commercial properties safe, even when facing catastrophe.