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Body and Dash-Mounted Cameras | Evidence and Public Records

While bringing a sophisticated camera program into law enforcement can be a great tool, there are limits that we can expect to reach, and that officer safety will always trump camera considerations.

When Does the Court Reject Evidence?

Evidence in a criminal case can be the single most important factor in obtaining a successful guilty verdict during a trial, especially if the investigating officer is unable to gain a confession from the suspect or suspects.

In Memory of Officer Charles Henry Edwards Jr.

Officer Edwards, Jr. was a popular officer in Cheyenne, and well-liked by much of the citizens. His death was record in the local newspaper in much the same spirit as he was thought of and remembered, a diligent officer who was brave, strong, and noble.

Search Warrant Service Exercise

Search warrants are an integral and necessary part of any criminal case progression. When executed properly and with respect for the Fourth Amendment rights of any citizens that may be affected by the execution of said warrant, search warrants can provide invaluable evidence that can make or break one’s case.

Courtroom Testimony

Testifying in a court of law is one of the most important tasks that a law enforcement officer must master during his or her career. If the officer is well prepared and can remain calm and cool during testimony, testifying in court will be no problem. Law enforcement officers must never lie in court and may jeopardize the entire case if they do.

Christmas 2017 | A Reflection on Law Enforcement

This Christmas, we not only want to pay tribute to officers who are working Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the days before and after, but we also want to ensure they go home to their families. A dignity they deserve. Cutting the danger officers face in half is the greatest gift we as citizens can give them, and it takes simple action on our part to accomplish something that shouldn’t even be a question

Asset Management | The Fleet Manager Role

Fleet Managers have a job where safety is paramount, and they can’t take a day off from the requirements of the job. Not only is the job a true separate activity from those of the Asset Manager, it is one that needs special tools all its own to accomplish the mission, whether they be in concert with your asset management system or not.

Perishable Goods | Do You Know Your Expiration Dates?

Municipal budgets can no longer afford to operate inefficiently, and neither can you. To accomplish today’s mission, efficiency in all aspects of your internal operation are required. This means venturing into new ways of thinking that have not been considered in public safety previously. And that means using software that puts your agency far ahead of the game, in both dollars, and sense.

Asset Management Software | Ease of Use

Your asset management software should be handling the heavy work of cataloging, reviewing, reporting, alerting, and achieving maximum efficiency for your asset manager, so they can focus on the broader aspects of their job, like making administration look sterling.

In Memory of Detective David Suiter

Detective Suiter did not die in vain, and his contributions to the people of the City of Baltimore will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace, and may his family and friends be comforted by knowing that he died a hero.