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How AI Perceives the World?

As human beings, we often don’t give much thought to how we obtain information. After all, we’ve been doing it, adjusting, and soaking it in since birth. We use our five senses to explore our world and our surroundings to make judgments and decisions to classify pieces of information. So, how does Artificial Intelligence (AI) perform these very same tasks?

In Memory of Sergeant Dale Multer

Sergeant Dale Multer was one of the most dedicated, loyal, and compassionate law enforcement officers. He was devoted to helping anybody in their time of need but particularly passionate about doing what he could to protect victims of family violence. Sgt. Multer was an exemplary employee and has left a legacy that will not be forgotten.

AI Development Pushed by Pandemics | Privacy Issues

Artificial intelligence, combined with machine learning, is the transformative technology of today and the future. Most people's concern with AI, outside of privacy, is the idea that advanced technology will take over jobs but there is currently a wave of ethical problems with AI applications, which will continue into the future.

In Memory of Correctional Officer Richard Bianchi

Our sincerest condolences are extended to Correctional Officer Richard Bianchi family, friends, and loved ones. Correctional Officer Richard Bianchi was a consummate professional and an excellent member of the HDSP team. He and his family will be in our thoughts, and we thank him for his selfless service.

In Memory of Master Detention Deputy Lynn Jones

When Master Detention Deputy Lynn Jones did his rounds, he was almost like a counselor, like a social worker. He would talk to them about their choices, about why they are there, and how not to come back.

In Memory of Assistant Chief Gail Green-Gilliam

Assistant Chief Gail Green-Gilliam was a selfless servant to her community and a beacon of hope. She also took special needs foster children and adults into her home. Everyone in the city had respect and love for her.

1984 Mass Surveillance is Here

In many countries, residents are aware of some degree of surveillance or security. Still, they may not be cognizant of the extent to which the degree of personal tracking is taking place. They may be unaware at times that the plane flying overhead is a spy plane equipped with data sensing equipment scooping up all the information from their cell phones as they record them from above with highly sensitive and detailed video systems.

Machine Learning Sets the Pace on Data Privacy

One of the significant areas in which machine learning, AI, and even deep learning applications can benefit businesses today is in taking control of their data. Data security and maintaining privacy compliance, along with protecting customer information, can make or break a company, even large enterprises.

In Memory of Police Officer Michael Lee

Police Officer Michael Lee had an exemplary record as an officer for the Navajo Police. During his 29-year service, he was assigned to a variety of roles, including patrol officer, sex offender registration, and notification act officer. He loved the community he served and took pride in his position as an officer.

In Memory of Police Officer Destin Legieza

Police Officer Destin Legieza was well-known in the area, having grown up in Franklin, Tennessee. He had so many friends and family who loved him. He loved the community of Brentwood and always knew he wanted to be a police officer.