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In Memory of Police Officer Efren Coronel

Police Officer Efren Coronel was well-loved in his community by adults and children alike. His co-workers described him as a family man, who worked with distinction. Coronel loved to volunteer his time working with youth in the community, helping to guide them forward in life. He also volunteered as a soccer coach.

In Memory of Sergeant Stephen Williams

Sergeant Stephen Williams was a good man, a funny man to be around, and not long ago he won officer of the year among our department. His Family, friends, and many brothers and sisters in uniform are grieving the loss of a great leader in the community. He is the second Alabama officer killed in the line-of-duty this year.

Fingerprint Evidence | Is it Suitable for Trial Court?

For anyone involved, investigators or attorneys, a basic understanding of the fingerprint collection process, how they are located and lifted, can help everyone recognize inaccurate or faulty science in the results. If there is a need to cross-examine a crime scene specialist or as a witness to answer questions, an understanding of the techniques of locating, lifting, and identifying fingerprints is essential.

In Memory of Police Officer Waldis "Jay" Johnson

Detroit Police Officer Waldis "Jay" Johnson died from injuries he received on April 30, 2017. He fought to survive and recover for just over two years, but the injuries were far too severe, and he was unable to pull through.

In Memory of Deputy Constable Caleb Rule

Before being chosen as a Deputy Constable, Caleb Rule served his community through various positions he held with the Missouri City Police Department. He served with the department for fourteen years. He was a great man, a great mentor, and he loved his children, his family, and his wife.

In Memory of Detective John D. Songy

Detective John Songy was remembered by many in the community as someone with a heart of gold. In his off-time, he loved being an outdoorsman and going off-roading in his Jeep.

In Memory of Police Officer Nate Lyday

Police Officer Nate Lyday is being hailed as a "son of Ogden." Ogden, Utah, is where he was born, raised, educated, lived, loved, served, and died. Officer Nate Lyday sacrificed his life on behalf of a frightened and fearful family at the scene.

In Memory of Police Officer Cody Holte

The loss of Police Officer Cody Holte stunned the community of Grand Forks. He is remembered as a hero. He was an active member of the North Dakota National Guard, willing to serve and protect his community in any way possible.

What Information Should Be Redacted from Medical Records?

Data Privacy in healthcare has become a hot button issue in the news lately, especially with firms such as Facebook coming under increasing scrutiny in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Did you know, according to recent legislation, patients or their legal representatives have the right to request access to their medical records?

In Memory of Trooper First Class Eugene Kenneth Baron, Jr.

Our condolences and prayers go to the Trooper Baron family at this time. Trooper First Class Eugene Kenneth Baron, Jr contracted cancer while doing a job that he loved. His first concern on September 11, 2001, was to help people affected by the terrorist attacks. He was always a Trooper at heart, and he will be greatly missed.