Asset Management Software


Asset Management Software
  • Define and track unlimited number of products and products properties
  • Receive and track unlimited number of assets in your agency (cars, weapons, vests, laptops, phones, and much more)
  • Receive and track unlimited number of consumables in your agency (batteries, flashlights, bullets, and much more)
  • Issue and track products and assets to personnel, locations, districts, and offices
  • Return, restock, or dispose any issued product or asset
  • Track the expiration date and warranty date of every asset and product in your agency and warehouse
  • Track the cost of every asset and product issued to your personnel and in agency warehouse
  • Automatic and printable products and assets history
  • Easily adjust quantities, transfer, and relocate products and assets between warehouses
  • Automatically send expiration reminders to personnel before their assets and products expire
  • Easily restrict operations in different locations/districts
  • Automatic stock reminder for products and assets falling below defined stock threshold
  • Unlimited search capabilities
  • Unlimited filters and quick filters
  • Powerful notification system for any asset or product
  • Multi-user and group security layers
  • Statistical reports for higher management
Asset Management Software
Easy To Receive

With AssetGuard, stocking the shelves in your warehouse is a very simple task. With a click or two, scan the product you are receiving, enter the received product properties (serial number, color, size, price when applicable), and click receive. You can receive hundreds of products in minutes saving you a valuable time without using a single piece of paper.

Easy To Issue

AssetGuard allows you to issue products and assets to individuals, locations, or districts. At any time, you can see what each person or location have been issued in the past and what they currently hold allowing for easy decisions whether to issue a product or not. AssetGuard also keeps an eye on expired products so users know when they are issuing expired products.

Easy To Dispose

Any product or asset can be returned using AssetGuard return function. You can easily dispose or restock the product or asset you’re returning. AssetGuard will automatically increase the quantity on the shelf when restocking a product and decease user/location holding at the same time keeping your inventory in check. Consumable products don’t need to be returned and can also be disposed by the end user.


Very easy to customize. You can make it look and feel exactly how you’d like for your department. You can easily add, remove, or rename any field in any form within the system. You can set up the reports, the notification system, the filters, the statistics, the user groups and the permissions to meet your needs.

Reduce Paperwork

Almost all agencies, especially law enforcement agencies, need an easy way to manage all items issued to officers and employees. Agencies need a system that monitors usage levels, stock status and outages, expired items, etc… This usually involves tons of paperwork and very little accountability. With AssetGuard, you can accomplish all that without using a single piece of paper with full accountability of usage and stock.

More Than Just Assets

AssetGuard takes the burden of managing all your agency’s equipment, valuable assets, and consumables from the time of receipt, through issuance, maintenance, and eventual disposal. AssetGuard is a paperless, secure, and easy to use all-in-one system that covers all your agency’s quartermaster needs. It saves valuable time, money, and keeps inventory in check. With one click, instantly see what each officer currently has, what was issued in the past with a full history of each asset received, and the due maintenance on all assets. AssetGuard allows inventory audits and tracks outstanding and incoming orders, as well as vehicle maintenance and repairs, supply levels, and more.

Assets Statistics
Asset History

Each asset in AssetGuard has its own comprehensive and unalterable history. Asset history get created automatically as the asset moves through your agency from the time it was received until its eventual disposal. With one click, you can review and print the history of an asset including who received it, issued it, returned it, disposed it, or any other event happened throughout the life of that asset.

Asset Management Software Asset History
Search Engine

AssetGuard was built on a very powerful search engine that allows you to find what you’re looking for as fast as you can type it. Eliminate the need for building complex search queries and their mathematical logic. With one search box, find assets, products, vendors, and much more, in a fraction of a second. Every piece of data in the database is searchable through the same search engine.

Asset Management Software Search Engine
AssetGuard Responsive Design

AssetGuard is crafted using Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology which provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation on a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors (all sizes) to smart devices and mobile phones. With AssetGuard, pick your favorite device, whether it’s a 70” smart TV, a wide computer screen, Tough Pad, or iPhone, the system will be as easy and clear to navigate and use as your computer screen.


Choose your favorite browser. AssetGuard is compatible with all web browsers in the market including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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