In Memory of Reserve Police Officer David Ruiz

In Memory of Reserve Police Officer David Ruiz

Texas officials were saddened by the news that the state had lost yet another officer to COVID19. On Sunday, August 22, 2021, the Dallas Police Department reported that one of their reserve officers had died from the coronavirus. Reserve Police Officer David Ruiz, badge R427/5286, passed away due to complications arising from the coronavirus. Texas has lost more law enforcement officers than nearly all other states combined. The COVID19 pandemic has been especially devastating to the state of Texas and its residents. Officer Ruiz was 65 years old.

Officer Ruiz began civil service early in life. Out of high school, he joined the military. Officer Ruiz was a US Navy Veteran. He then returned home and wanted to continue a career in civil service. Ruiz served as a sworn police officer with the Dallas Police Department for over 32 years and then retired. Since then, he has been working as a reserve officer on patrol duty for the past four years.

Dallas Police Department, Texas

Officer Ruiz loved serving others through his work with the Dallas Police Department. The DPD has had a long history in Texas, as it was founded in 1881. It is the primary law enforcement agency for the city of Dallas, which is the third-largest city in Texas and ninth-largest in the US. Dallas is the largest inland metropolitan area in the country with no direct connection to oceans or ports.

DPD manages services by dividing the agency into seven divisions based on city subdivisions. The DPD has more than 3007 sworn officers and approximately 575 civilian employees. All who work each day to keep 1.2 million residents safe from harm.

From the seven stations, officers work together with 1200 marked patrol vehicles, 900 unmarked police cars, 40 motorcycles, two boats, and two helicopters to keep one of the largest cities in the US safe and secure. The Chief of Police is appointed by the City Manager, who is set by the Dallas City Council. Council members are elected, the City Manager is not. The current Chief is Edgardo (Eddie) Garcia.


Reserve Police Officer David Ruiz leaves behind his wife, three children, and three stepchildren. The residents in the Dallas community will need to remember these children and all other children who will be facing futures without adult mentors and leaders in their lives. Area law enforcement honor guards will help ensure that the services are done with dignity and show gratitude from the entire community for the sacrifice made on their behalf by Officer Ruiz.

Dallas Reserves posted the announcement on Twitter sharing their sadness with the community. “With great sadness, we announce that Officer David Ruiz lost his battle with COVID. Continued prayers for his family, both blood and blue!”

ATF Headquarters shared details of the loss online. “Our sympathies go out to @DallasPD and the family and friends of Reserve Police Officer David Ruiz who died from complications after contracting COVID-19 while on duty.”