In Memory of Special Deputy Sheriff Lee Daniel Manns

In Memory of Special Deputy Sheriff Lee Daniel Manns

Kentucky Loses Special Deputy to COVID

On Saturday, December 26, 2020, Kentucky authorities announced the loss of a local civil servant. Special Deputy Sheriff Lee Daniel Manns passed away due to complications from COVID19. It is presumed that he became exposed to the virus while serving papers for the Breathitt County Courts.

The Breathitt County Sheriff’s Office had employed deputy Manns for approximately two years. He worked in a service capacity, often serving court documents to residents. After falling ill, Manns was admitted for treatment at the Hazard Appalachian Regional Medical Center.

Manns was known for his big heart and the kindness that he showed to others. He regularly offered his help to others and enjoyed spending time with his children.

Sheriff Hollan spoke of what it was like to work with ‘LD’ as they called Deputy Manns. “He was very dedicated to the citizens of Breathitt County. He would go up and beyond the call of duty to help anyone he could, in any way. When I would talk to him on the phone, he would always call me ‘Son.’ He was a few years older than me, and it made me feel good. I looked up to him and had a lot of respect for Mr. Manns.”

Deputy Manns was known to love the children in the community and his own. He had a son who he had been looking forward to his upcoming graduation. Family and the residents alike will miss Manns.

Breathitt County Sheriff’s Office

The Breathitt County Sheriff’s Office employed special Deputy Manns. He is the ninth officer to have died in the line of duty in this department’s history. The BCSO was a small office; members were, indeed, like family members. The department had five full-time officers; now that Manns is no longer there, the department struggles to provide for officers’ services.

The BCSO is located in the county seat of Jackson, Kentucky. Breathitt County is an extremely rural area, set at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in an area known for its coal mines. Deputies have quite the job as the four remaining officers provide services and protection to an area that is 494 square miles. There are approximately 13,000 residents in the county.

Breathitt County Mourns Together

COVID19 has hit first responders hard across the globe. Communities have found strength in coming together. Special Deputy Sheriff Lee Daniel Manns leaves behind his wife and three children. They will find comfort as Breathitt County, its first responders, neighbors, and family friends come together to help celebrate the life he lived.

Breathitt County Sheriff John Hollan spoke fondly of working with Manns. “LD Lee Daniel Manns, Breathitt County Sheriff Unit 905, was an outstanding person. He was a retired coal worker, coal miner, and an active farmer. He enjoyed the public and doing what he did. We are a tightknit department, you know there’s five, and now there’s four of us. We know in our hearts that he will always be with us and be watching over us. He’s really going to be missed. There are just things that we will have to do that unite 905. We will have to step up. We are really really going to miss him, and he was such a help to our department.”

The Breathitt County Sheriff’s Department posted the following announcement on their Facebook page. “We are grieving the loss of one of our own. We are saddened to announce the passing of Deputy Sheriff unit 905 “LD” Lee Daniel Manns. Pray for his family, friends, and co-workers. BCSO and our county have lost a good man. He will be greatly missed by many.”