In Memory of Special Agent Gregory Cleveland Holland

In Memory of Special Agent Gregory Cleveland Holland

On Friday, August 13, 2021, the US Department of Veterans Affairs announced a loss in their Police Services. Special Agent Gregory Cleveland Holland, badge number 52, died due to COVID19. It is presumed he was exposed to the virus when he went for duty at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Law Enforcement Training Center. The training occurred in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Special Agent Holland was 47 years old.

The coronavirus pandemic is reaching every level of law enforcement. It is the number one killer of officers for 2020 and 2021. All levels are impacted. The US has lost hundreds of officers to the pandemic at different ranks. From Chief of Police to brand new rookies, the virus is spreading and is deadly to officers. Policing is an occupation that does not allow for social distancing, and in struggles, masks come loose. There is a high risk of contracting the virus if you are a police officer.

Special Agent Holland served for ten years with the Department of Veteran Affairs Police Services. Prior to this position, Holland had spent over 16 years serving as a sworn police officer with the Pine Bluff Police Department. Before becoming an officer, he began civil service shortly after high school graduation. Additionally, Holland is a US Army Veteran. Holland was in the Army for six years.

Agent Holland earned an Associate’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Information Management Systems, and a Master’s degree in Education. Holland was a member of the Family Church in White Hall, Arizona. There he served as a deacon, youth ministry leader and led the church’s security team. He was a well-respected community member and leader among friends.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs Police Services

VA police officers are armed, fully sworn police officers and provide the uniformed presence and security as the primary law enforcement agency for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The agency was formed in 1973 and now employs more than 4000 officers. The legal jurisdiction of these officers is confined to “all properties owned, leased or occupied by the Department of Veterans Affairs and not under the control of the General Services Administration.”


Special Agent Gregory Cleveland Holland leaves behind his fiancé, three daughters, mother, and four siblings. The Holland family will find support for their grief through the community as residents demonstrate gratitude for the sacrifices made by Agent Holland. Additionally, the US Department of Veterans Affairs will see that full honors are performed at the service.

Gary Knox shared his grief by posting online. “Greg was (never thought a past tense word would hurt) one of the best people to be around. I looked up to him in many ways, and one of those ways was law enforcement. After becoming an officer, I couldn’t wait to tell Greg about what I had become. Beyond law enforcement, Greg was a man of God, a leader, and a dear friend. We’ll hold the line. To the family, may your hearts find peace, love, and the guidance from the lord above.”

With the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Police Service, Jon Maggard shared thoughts on a recent lunch with Holland. “I was lucky enough to have lunch with Greg last month as he has been one of my favorite people at the Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC) for many years. He was always happy, upbeat, a joy to be around, and full of great information and knowledge that he never seemed to exhaust. I will miss you. Greg. On behalf of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System Police Service, our condolences to the family, work-family, and friends. One of the best sayings we often hear at LETC is “Welcome to the family,” as that is what we, as a profession, consider each other. I know that God greeted Greg with “Well done, my god and faithful servant” as Greg approached the throne.”