In Memory of Sergeant Raul Salazar, Jr.

In Memory of Sergeant Raul Salazar, Jr.

Texas Loses Sergeant to COVID19

Texas has been severely impacted by the results of a loss of life among many law enforcement departments due to COVID19. Authorities are saddened once again to announce another officer’s death due to complications arising from the coronavirus. Sergeant Raul Salazar, Jr., age 52, died on Sunday, August 23, 2020. Sgt. Salazar was a 22-year veteran of Texas law enforcement, and in the end, gave his life protecting his community.

Sgt. Raul Salazar, Jr. has served with the Nueces County Sheriff’s office for over seven years. Before moving to help with the Nueces Department, he had many previous years of law enforcement experience. Salazar had served with the Beeville Police Department, Texas A & M University Kingsville Police Department, Kingsville Police Department, and also the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office.

It is assumed that Salazar contracted the virus while on duty and serving his community. Officer Salazar was laid in state at the Memory Gardens Funeral Home for the public to pay their last respects, but the funeral services remained private. A funeral mass was held at the Most Precious Blood Catholic Church, and a private burial ceremony was held afterward.

Sergeant Raul Salazar graduated from the Del Mar Regional Police Academy in May 1998. He devoted his life to protecting his community and family. He began his career later in 1998 with the Beeville Police Department. Before coming to the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office, he had worked as a bailiff for Judge James Klager in County Court #4. When he joined the Nueces department, he began as a patrol deputy. He was a diligent and respected officer who was promoted to Corporal in November 2015, then received a second promotion to sergeant in September 2017.

Nueces County Sheriff’s Office

Sergeant Raul Salazar had served the last several years of his career with the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office, in Corpus Christie, Texas. He had received two promotions while serving at this office. Nueces County covers the Corpus Christie metropolitan area.

The sheriff’s department not only provides additional law enforcement services to the community but also maintains and manages the operations of the county jail. The department includes patrol units, investigations, SWAT, court security, and many other services to the community. Officers who work for the Nueces County Sheriff’s office also handle service on all court proceedings.

Family Suffers Loss, Texas Mourns Again

Sergeant Raul Salazar, Jr. is survived by his wife, Priscilla, and his daughter, Hallie, and stepdaughter, Alissa. He also had many in the community that will share in the grief, extended family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office shared their condolences with the public via their social media accounts. “The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office mourns with the family of Sergeant Raul Salazar who died this morning at a local Hospital. He was 52 years old. It is being reported at this time that Sgt. Salazar died from complications of Covid-19 and other severe medical conditions. Raul Salazar graduated from the Del Mar Regional Police Academy in May 1998 and started his law enforcement career with the Beeville Police Department in September 1998 before moving to the Texas A&M Kingsville University Police Department. He also worked with the Kingsville Police Department and the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office before coming to the Nueces County in 2013. He worked as a Bailiff for Judge Klager in County Court #4 and then went to the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office in July 2015.

Raul started with the NCSO in July of 2015 as a Patrol Deputy, promoted to Corporal in November 2015, and promoted to Sergeant in September 2017. His coworkers will miss him, and all that knew him.

The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office will share information concerning memorial services and celebrations of life when the information becomes available. Please continue to pray for his wife and immediate family during this sad and trying period of time.”