In Memory of Sergeant Raquel Virginia Saunders

In Memory of Sergeant Raquel Virginia Saunders

Wednesday, October 13, 2021, was a difficult day for Texas officials. Texas has been losing many law enforcement officers to the COVID19 pandemic. Officials faced announcing yet another loss.

Sergeant Raquel Virginia Saunders, badge number 96, died due to complications from coronavirus. She may have contracted the virus in the course of her duties as an officer. Saunders was a sworn law enforcement officer with the Amarillo Police Department. She was 50 years old.

Saunders had spent her entire adult life working in law enforcement. The caliber of officer that she had been will not be replaceable. Experience working with the community and knowing the residents is a large part of police work. Saunders had spent more than 23 years with the Amarillo Police Department. Before her career in Amarillo, Saunders spent four years with the Potter County Sheriff’s Office.

Amarillo Police Department, Texas

Saunders worked with the Amarillo Police Department. The many years on the force made her a community staple; someone people knew they could turn to in their time of need. Saunders touched many lives as she served her community.

The Amarillo metropolitan area has more than 269,000 residents. Amarillo, located in Potter County, Texas, has a large police force to handle the services for such a large urban environment. The department has more than 371 sworn officers and additional administrative staff.

The jurisdiction of the force covers over 103 square miles. Amarillo is Spanish for the word yellow. The nearby Amarillo Creek and Amarillo Lake banks are so densely covered in yellow wildflower blooms that they turn the soil yellow.


Sergeant Raquel Virginia Saunders leaves behind four children. Residents and law enforcement have already begun the process of assisting the Saunder family with arrangements. Volunteers with the department’s Honor Guard will perform the ceremonies that demonstrate the respect and gratitude the community has felt due to the sacrifice made by Sergeant Saunders.

Amarillo Police Department shared the tragic news with its residents over Facebook. “It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Amarillo Police Department Sergeant Raquel Saunders, 50. Sergeant Saunders started with the Amarillo Police Department on October 8, 1998. She worked in many units throughout her 23 years with the Department and recently as a detective in the Domestic Violence Investigation Unit. Unfortunately, on October 13, 2021, Sergeant Saunders died due to complications from Covid. Sergeant Saunders was a mother of 4 children, including her daughter, an APD officer and a son who is a Potter County Deputy, and two more sons. She will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. The Department asks for privacy for the family in this time of loss.”

Deedra McCracken Oldham, a friend to Sgt. Saunders shared her grief for the loss. “Prayers for Raquel and her family. Her brothers and sisters in Blue suffered a tremendous loss, as those whose lives she impacted. She was a sweet friend and always had a great smile when you saw her. Prayers for all her family.”