In Memory of Sergeant Patrick Snook

In Memory of Sergeant Patrick Snook

Georgia Sergeant Dies from COVID19

COVID19 has been devastating to law enforcement and other first responders in the past year. Georgia has been hit hard. Officials were saddened to announce the loss of yet another local officer to the pandemic. On Sunday, December 27, 2020, Sergeant Patrick “Rick” David Snook, age 46, died from complications of the virus. Sunday was his end of watch.

Sgt Snook gave his life in sacrifice, protecting the residents of his community. He most likely came into contact with the virus while on the job on December 5. He gave his life in service from the start of being a young man. Snook’s service career began straight out of high school. He is a US Army Veteran. After his time in the service, he wanted to continue his work in civil service. He began his career in law enforcement more than 22 years ago. Snook wore badge number 1639 for the Henry County Police Department.

Sgt. Patrick Snook and his family were members of the First Baptist Church. He was involved with two organizations locally, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Snook was a family man who enjoyed spending time with his family. He also coached softball and loved sports. He enjoyed life with his wife and children.

Henry County Police Department

Sgt. Patrick Snook served with the HCPD. Located in the southeastern Atlanta metropolitan area, the department has been experiencing rapid growth. HCPD employs approximately 247 sworn officers. These officers are supported by 12 sworn reserve officers and 47 civilian employees. The HCPD also provides for the local students’ protection and safety with 32 part-time school crossing guards.

The members of the HCPD provide safety and security to all of Henry County, which includes approximately 235,000 residents. Officers patrol and protect an area of 322.7 square miles. The officers show a dedication to community policing. They look to provide effective crime control, improve the quality of life for all residents, all while enhancing the public view of police legitimacy. Indeed, the department wants to build bridges of communication.

Families Broken from COVID

COVID has been breaking the hearts of families worldwide. The Snook family has lost their hero. Sergeant Patrick Snook is survived by his wife, son, three daughters, and mother. Henry County residents, fellow law enforcement officers, neighbors, friends, and extended family will help them through their grief. Many came out to honor the sacrifice made by Sgt. Snook as he was escorted away from the hospital.

A coworker posted on the department’s social media page his memories of Sergeant Snook, “This sergeant wasn’t your average cop by any means. He knew everyone, worked his face off, knew his cases backward and forwards, and loves talking to people. Aside from the uniform, it’d be hard to tell if he was a cop or just some crazy volunteer that loved Henry County too much and wanted to keep it safe.”

A tribute fundraiser was held, and residents quickly pitched in to help the family. Part of the tribute that praised Sgt. Snook included, “Henry County didn’t lose an employee; we lost a genuinely invested public servant who loved this county.”

Wife, Jennifer Snook, wrote a touching goodbye, which she posted on a tribute page online. “I am so proud of you. My heart and world are shattered, but you will always be my Hero. We often looked at the ODMP together, and we’d shake our heads at the loss and talk about the sacrifices these LEO made. I never thought I’d be sitting here, reading yours. I know you are working in the Lord’s army now. You were always a loyal and faithful servant with a servant’s heart.”