In Memory of Sergeant Logan Davis

In Memory of Sergeant Logan Davis

The end of watch was called for an Iron County Sheriff’s Office Deputy in Missouri. On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, Sergeant Logan Davis died due to complications of COVID19. Davis, badge number 511, was 37 years old. COVID19 has taken the lives of over 200 officers since the start of 2021. It has become the leading cause of line-of-duty deaths nationwide.

Davis had served with the Iron County Sheriff’s Office for more than six years. He had most recently been assigned at the county jail on Shepherd Street. Sgt. Logan Davis began a career in law enforcement in 2005.

Iron County Sheriff’s Office

Davis served with ICSO. He cared about his local community and touching the lives of those around him. Iron County, Missouri, is in the heart of the lead belt region of the US. Iron county includes the entirety of a six-mile-long and two-mile-wide Arcadia Valley.

Deputies with the ICSO help patrol the county’s 552 square mile area and protect more than 10,200 residents. The department is headquartered in Ironton, Missouri.


Sergeant Logan Davis leaves behind his wife and daughter. The Davis family will be supported by the love and kindness of the residents, neighbors, and friends love and kindness. In addition, law enforcement from various agencies and honor guards will help the community commemorate Davis’ life and show gratitude for putting his life on the line to protect theirs.

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office shared the tragic news with residents on their Facebook page. “The Iron County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of Sergeant Logan Davis, who passed away September 28, 2021. Through the last several weeks watching all the social media with the outpouring of love and support in the community has shown just how much Davis was loved dearly by his family, friends, and the community. This man had endless qualities, and he was truly just one of those people you’ll always miss being around. From his knowledge, he shared to smiles he created with his unforgettable humor. There’s going to be a void in this department that’s going to seem like an eternity. I can speak for all of our law enforcement agencies when I say he will never be forgotten, as well as his family, who will remain in our thoughts and prayers. God’s speed, dear friend!

Resident Sara Elizabeth shared the details with others on Facebook. “With time, tears will heal, and comfort will be found in our memories. Life is going to move on, but all of us will always feel his absence. Rest in peace, Sgt. Davis.”

Heather Vinyard, a coworker, and friend, announced to residents that Davis’ patrol car was parked outside for anyone wishing to leave a memorial. “Sgt. Logan Davis car was set up today as a Memorial by the County if you’d like to stop by and pay your respect to an amazing Deputy that gave the ultimate sacrifice! Fly High 511!”

Megan Harbison, a friend, and resident shared the details of the loss on her work’s Facebook page. “Welcome home, Sgt. Logan Davis. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this community.
Matthew 5:9 -Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”