In Memory of Sergeant Kevin Redding

In Memory of Sergeant Kevin Redding

Pennsylvania residents were recently informed of the sudden unexpected death of a local police sergeant. On Monday, December 20, 2021, Sergeant Kevin Redding, badge number 303, died due to complications of COVID19. He was 53 years old.

COVID19 has reached every corner of the globe. The pandemic has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of American citizens and even more around the world. At the start of the pandemic, we learned that masking and social distancing could help protect us from the virus. However, at that time, we also realized that certain occupations have a significantly higher risk of virus transmission.

Law enforcement is one such occupation. Masking can, for some officers, make them feel as though it can be a safety issue. Masks can often pull up and impair sight. Officers running, capturing, and subduing offenders can’t socially distance and make an arrest. Handcuffs don’t work from six feet away.

Redding served his community as a sworn law enforcement provider with the Haverford Township Police Department for over 27 years. He dedicated his life to the protection of the residents in his community. Redding was a veteran officer. However, his years of experience, leadership, and ability to teach younger officers will significantly lose the department and the township.

Haverford Township Police Department, Pennsylvania

Redding served as a member of the Haverford Township Police Department, Pennsylvania. The agency is a fully-accredited law enforcement department providing services to approximately 56,000 residents. The department operates with about 70 sworn police officers and accompanying administrative staff.

The jurisdiction of the HTPD covers an area of about 10 square miles. Haverford Township has a lengthy history in America. The city was planned out and designed by William Penn. It was considered part of the Welsh tract. In 1681, a group of Welsh Quakers met to plan out the settlement of 40,000 acres which they had purchased. This acreage includes all of what is today Haverford Township. It also included the areas now known as Radnor and Lower Merion Townships.


Sergeant Kevin Redding is survived by his wife and two children. The Redding family will join the many other Americans who have lost a loved one to the virus. Communities will need to start working to initiate programs to help families who have suffered a loss. Many residents, law enforcement officers, friends, and extended family came to celebrate the life of Sgt. Redding. He was a dedicated officer and a great asset to the community of Haverford Township.

The Haverford Township Police Department posted news of the sudden loss on their Facebook page to inform residents. “Tonight, it is with very heavy hearts that the Haverford Township Police Department regrets to announce the sudden passing of Sergeant Kevin Redding badge #303 due to complications from COVID 19. Sergeant Redding was a 27-year veteran of the Haverford Township Police Department. Please keep Sergeant Redding and his family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Resident Lyn Shamrock shared her sympathies for the loss. “I am so saddened. Kevin was such a wonderful person on angel’s wings – fly home, Kevin. You will be missed R.I.P.”

Kelly Richardson was also saddened to hear the news of the local officer’s loss. “Wow. Life can be so unkind – survives a 27-year career as an officer, only to lose his life to COVID. Tragic. Thank you for your service, Sir.”