In Memory of Sergeant Dennis R. Oliver Jr.

In Memory of Sergeant Dennis R. Oliver Jr.

Texas Sergeant Dies from COVID

The COVID pandemic has hit Texas families incredibly hard. Authorities were saddened to announce the loss of yet another law enforcement officer in Texas’s state to the coronavirus. On Friday, October 2, 2020, Sergeant Dennis R. Oliver Jr., age 49, died from complications arising from his battle with the virus. It is presumed that he was exposed to the virus during his duties as an officer at the Highland Village Police Department, which recently suffered an outbreak within their department.

The contact tracing determined that Sgt. Oliver likely came into contact with the virus on September 7. By September 21, he was hospitalized locally with pneumonia caused by the virus. After developing pneumonia and undergoing treatment to recover, Sgt. Oliver then suffered a stroke. The toll these complications took on him because coronavirus took his life. His wife and two sons were with him at the time that he passed.

Highland Village Police Department

Sergeant Dennis R. Oliver Jr., badge number 507, served his community with his work with the Highland Village Police Department for over 19 years. The Highland Village Police Department works on a COPS model or Community Oriented Public Safety. This philosophy is designed to create a goal for officers to make Highland Village a safe and enjoyable place to live. A place where residents need not fear the police but work with them hand in hand to keep their community safe and prosperous for everyone.

The HVPD retains 33 sworn officers, 12 civilian staff members, and over 30 volunteer auxiliary officers. These officers have learned to know their community and its residents in a personal way. Residents feel comfortable coming to them for help whenever a problem arises. The community-based efforts have led to Highland Village being rated as one of the safest cities in Texas since 2002.

COVID Strikes Another Texas Family

In Texas and worldwide, COVID has been taking a severe toll on the lives of families. Texas has been hit hard due to the number of correctional facilities located within the state. The outbreaks within these facilities reach further out into the communities, the workers, and their families. Sergeant Dennis R. Oliver was a family man. He leaves behind his wife and two sons. The department, coworkers, friends, and extended family will come together to support them in their time of grief.

The Highland Village Police Department released this statement on the loss of Sgt. Oliver. “It is with heavy hearts we share this news. Sgt. Dennis Oliver passed away this morning. His wife, Tonie, and their two sons were with him. Please continue to pray for his family.”

Police Chief Doug Reim spoke highly of the personal touch and attitude of Sgt. Oliver. “If you’ve ever met him, you will never forget him! His smile, his kindness, his desire to always go to the extra effort to serve!”

The Patriot Guard Riders came forward to create a huge procession to honor the life and service of Sergeant Oliver. The PGR is a 100% volunteer organization of riders who honor those who have served and helped commemorate their lives in a celebratory and respectful way.