In Memory of Senior Sergeant Steve Urias

In Memory of Senior Sergeant Steve Urias

The residents in the city of Austin, Texas, have been stunned by the number of losses in the last thirty days in their local police department. On Thursday, August 26, 2021, the Austin police department lost the third officer in less than thirty days. Senior Sergeant Steve Urias, age 62, had served with the Austin Police Department for more than 31 years. Unfortunately, his watch ended when he passed away from COVID19, which he likely contracted on the job.

Sgt. Urias may be the 114th law enforcement officer who has died in 2021 from COVID19. He is the second officer in two days at this department to die from the virus. Several other officers from this department are currently hospitalized and fighting on ventilators due to the virus. A total of 41 officers and staff members of the Austin Police Department are now testing positive for the virus.

Police Chief Joseph Chacon addressed the issue of covid among his staff. “As with Randy’s death yesterday, this is a tragic moment. Keep both of them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. The COVID-19 variant has proven more dangerous than previous surges, and we have many staff who are infected with the virus and a few hospitalized still fighting. I have to take a moment to remind everyone to take all precautions to keep yourself safe and to keep the virus from spreading.”

Austin Police Department

Sr. Sgt. Urias was proud to represent the Austin Police Department wearing badge number 2103. The Austin Police Department or APD is the primary law enforcement for the city of Austin. The agency employs more than 1900 sworn police officers complemented by approximately 750 civilian administration personnel.

The city of Austin has nearly one million residents and is the capital of the state of Texas. Officers with the APD are responsible for patrolling and protecting the residents in a 326.5 square mile area. To meet this need, APD is one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the country. The agency has eleven separate patrol districts and many departments of expertise.

Sgt. Urias is the 26th officer with the Austin Police Department to die in the line of duty.


Senior Sergeant Steve Urias leaves behind his wife and two children.

Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday shared condolences with the Urias family. “Our sincere condolences to the Urias family, his friends, and working colleagues. His service to our department and community will forever be remembered.”

Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon shared his grief with residents on social media. “Today, Senior Sergeant Steve Urias lost his battle with COVID-19 and passed away while fighting the good fight. This is the 2nd line of duty death from COVID in as many days with our department, and frankly, it is hard for me to express my grief. Steve was a friend & honorably served w/ @Austin_Police for over 31 yrs. He was nearing retirement when this horrible disease struck him & his family. He was a wonderful officer, husband, father & friend. He will be missed by us all.”

Austin Mayor Steve Adler shared his grief with the department and family. “My condolences to Officer Steve Urias’ family and to all of APD. COVID is an equal opportunity killer. It doesn’t care if you’re a hero or if you’re physically strong. Police officers are in harm’s way every day, but the virus makes interactions even riskier.”