In Memory of Police Sergeant Kelvin Dewayne Mixon

In Memory of Police Sergeant Kelvin Dewayne Mixon

Senior Law Enforcement Officer Dies in Mississippi

On Thursday, July 2, 2020, Mississippi officials briefed the public about losing one of their senior law enforcement officers. Sergeant Kelvin DeWayne Mixon, age 59, had served with the Edwards Police Department for over 22 years. He was a valued member of the community as a leader and an example of character and integrity.

Sgt. Mixon fought bravely, trying to overcome the viral infection. He had spent weeks on a ventilator.

Police Chief Marcus A. Wallace was overcome with grief. The small group of officers under his command were family. Mixon was not only a valued officer and mentor to others but a life long friend. Wallace expressed his respect for Mixon and his grief on his Facebook page. “Sad day for the town of Edwards as we mourn the loss of one of the most dedicated officers I’ve had under my leadership. Whenever I called, he was coming. This is a truly tough one.”

Mississippi and COVID19

The day that Sgt. Mixon passed; there was no comment from his department. The impact the virus had was taking its toll by the loss of their friend and coworker. They had also received news of two additional positive cases in their department on the same day.

Mississippi, like all states, is fighting the coronavirus. The pandemic is reaching into all parts of the globe. On the day of Mixon’s death, the Mississippi State Department of Health released its coronavirus victims’ daily count, ten new deaths, and 870 new cases. For the entire state of Mississippi, this brings the COVID19 totals to 28,770 cases and 1,092 deaths.

Edwards Police Department

Sergeant Kelvin Mixon served with the Edwards Police Department for over 22 years. His loss will have a significant impact on the department and his coworkers. The Edwards Police Department is a small agency that oversees a tight knit community of approximately 1000 residents.

On June 18, the Chief took an unprecedented move to protect his other officers’ health and the remaining community when tests showed the virus was present among their agency. Eight officers tested positive at that time. He closed it down.

Police Chief Marcus A. Wallace announced his decision over social media. He assured the community that a police presence would still be available and there on an emergency basis through volunteer coverage from the local sheriff’s department. He then went on to explain the reason for his call to close the office for quarantine. “This COVID-19 is very serious people, and it’s even more dangerous in smaller communities. Continue to practice social distancing, wear your masks, and do not go around others if you’re ill. Once I’m informed of the test results, I will inform the entire community of what my next steps are.”

Now weeks later, they have lost a senior officer and are continuing to see positive results among their agency workers.

What COVID Leaves in its Path

The path of tragedy COVID is leaving behind in our country and across the world is staggering. Human lives. For every loss, there are family members, friends, and coworkers. There is an impact on those left behind as they adjust to new experiences without their loved ones.

Sergeant Kelvin DeWayne Mixon left behind his wife, son, three daughters, grandchildren, and siblings. He had friends and neighbors who loved and respected him. He also had coworkers who counted on him every day. The loss to the entire community will be felt for many years.

Edwards Police Chief Terence Crump was struck with the news. He released this statement sending his condolences and appreciation for the Sgt.’s many years of service. “Our hearts are heavy with sadness and tears, as we announce the passing of our brother Sgt Kelvin Mixon due to COVID-19, but our memories are full of love and kindness that he gave for over 20 years of service to Edwards Police Department.”

Pelahatchie Chief of Police Joseph Daughtry shared grief over social media. “The Pelahatchie Police Department sends our deepest condolences and prayers to all of you and the family of Sgt Mixon!”