In Memory of Police Officer Leslie L. Graves

In Memory of Police Officer Leslie L. Graves

Texas Loses Officer to COVID19

Sadly, Texas authorities announced the end of watch for a local police officer. Police Officer Leslie L. Graves, age 32, passed away on Thursday, December 3, 2020. He succumbed to complications from being exposed to the coronavirus. It is assumed that he contracted the illness by serving his community as an officer with the Perryton Police Department.

Officer Graves was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He graduated from Booker High School in 2006 and the East Texas Police Academy in 2019. Graves loved his community, the residents, and his neighbors. Service was the career choice he made. Graves was a police officer for the Perryton Police Department, and he was a volunteer firefighter for the Booker and Darrouzett communities. He worked hard to help others and children in their times of need and encouraged them in their futures. He was a volunteer member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Board.

Perryton Police Department

After graduating from the police academy, the Perryton Police Department hired Graves as one of their officers. Graves enjoyed his work in Perryton, working both as a law enforcement officer and a volunteer firefighter.

The Perryton Police Department is smaller; they have 15 full-time officers. Another law enforcement presence in the area is the Ochiltree County Sheriff’s Office. Perryton also employs seven full-time fire personnel and includes more than 15 volunteers. The mission is to provide quality protection and safety to residents, helping them succeed in their lives and community.

Perryton is the county seat for Ochiltree County, Texas. Though created in 1876, it was not officially organized until 1889. It was named for William Beck Ochiltree, who was the Attorney General for the Republic of Texas. Due to his local service, in 1996, a historical landmark was placed on the county courthouse in Perryton, Texas.

Family, Friends, and Community Mourn

The coronavirus pandemic has taken many first responders’ lives, leaving holes in families across the globe. The Graves family is now facing such loss. Police Officer Leslie L. Graves leaves behind his wife, six children, and eight siblings. This large, close-knit family will need the help of their community, friends, and neighbors to face the coming days. Residents of Perryton will help the family celebrate the life of Officer Graves while sharing in their grief.

Friend, Diana Miller, posted online her condolences. “I got to know Les through family. He was a great guy, and I know he will be missed. Prayers will continue for his family and children.”

A former classmate, Alysia Posey, shared her sadness with the Graves family. “My heart is broken for your family; Les was one of the kindest people I ever met, Emma; my prayers are with you and your babies!”

Darla Dickerson, a family friend, wrote the following. “Les was an awesome man and will be greatly missed. I’m so saddened to know the hardship your family is going through, and I want to offer my condolences and support.”