In Memory of Police Officer Henry Laxson

In Memory of Police Officer Henry Laxson

Residents in Clayton County, Georgia, were stunned to hear the news that a local police officer had been killed in the line of duty. On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Police Officer Henry Laxson was shot and killed as he responded to a domestic violence situation.

Police Officer Laxson and other Clayton County officers responded to a call regarding a domestic violence incident that resulted in a shooting. The first officers arrived on the scene shortly after 8:40 pm. The officers, including Laxson, met at the location near the 3600 block of Jervis Court in Rex.

When they arrived, the officers encountered a 12-year-old boy in critical condition. He had been shot in the face. Yet, the young man could direct officers to his home even with such severe injuries. As officers approached the house, the man opened fire then ran inside.

The shooter had retreated to the rear of the home. Officer Laxson and other members of the Tactical Unit approached from the back of the house – watching for the man to attempt to escape. Again, the man opened fire. The second time the man shot at the police, Officer Laxson and another officer were wounded. Both wounded officers returned fire and killed the violent subject.

EMTs provided aid and transportation for both officers, transported them to Grady Memorial Hospital. Later, Officer Laxson succumbed to his injuries.

Officer Laxson had recently gotten engaged to be married. He was looking forward to a wedding soon, as his fiancé had said yes to his proposal. Laxson had served the Clayton County residents as a sworn officer with the CCPD for nearly five years. He was looking forward to a long career, a new marriage, and raising a family in the area. In October 2020, Laxsonwas awarded the department’s Officer of the Quarter.

Clayton County Police Department, Georgia

Laxson was looking forward to spending many years with the Clayton County Police Department. The CCPD is through the history of the county, has been a sister agency to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. During the county’s early history, the Office of Sheriff was responsible for all law enforcement services to the residents. Georgia passed legislation in 1914 allowing County Commissioners to elect or appoint county police at their discretion. In February 1927, a Grand Jury was formed, and a recommendation was made to create a county police force to assist the CCSO.

Today, nearly 100 years later, the Clayton County Police Department shares law enforcement responsibilities with the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. The CCPD has more than 500 employees, including approximately 400 sworn officers. The agency has more than 300 patrol vehicles, a mobile command center, two helicopters, ten motorcycles, and even a new Bearcat Armored vehicle. The agency is a modern, accredited police force providing service to the community.


Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill shared his condolences online. “Officer Henry Laxson was one of Clayton’s finest and unquestionably our very best. Laxson far exceeded all expectations of what an ideal police officer should be. I will greatly miss your smile, young man. Rest easy, son; the brotherhood will continue the watch from here.”

Governor Brian Kemp shared the news online. He ordered flags to be flown at half staff to honor the sacrifice made by Officer Laxson. “Officer Henry Laxson was killed in the line of duty last night in a situation where multiple others also died by the gunman. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, colleagues, and friends. Laxson is said to be one of Clayton’s finest and best officers.”

Jim Lee, a friend of Officer Laxson, described him as one of the good cops. “He would always be passionate about the job he was doing and the uniform he was wearing. He made his dreams come true. He set goals, he achieved them, he didn’t let any setbacks get in his way, he just went out and did it.”