In Memory of Police Officer Gregory R. Young

In Memory of Police Officer Gregory R. Young

On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the Vernon College Police Department in Texas announced to residents that one of their officers had died due to COVID19. Police Officer Gregory R. Young, badge number VC4, died due to complications from contracting the virus. He was 50 years old.

Law enforcement is one of the occupations that carry the most risk for contracting the COVID19 virus. The job relies heavily on contact with many people but also does not always allow for appropriate social distancing. As a result, COVID19 has become the number one cause of line of duty deaths in the United States. Since January 2021, more than 220 law enforcement officers have been lost to the virus.

Officer Young began early in his life to plan for a career in civil service. Out of high school, Young joined the military. Officer Gregory Young is a US Air Force Veteran. Officer Young was an investigator with the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office. After retiring, he wanted to continue in civil service.

Vernon College Police Department

Vernon College, like many universities, has its campus police department. This is a full-service accredited law enforcement agency, and officers with campus police departments have the same authority as officers in other departments.

At Vernon College, the police department comprises a director, two sergeants, and two full-time police officers. Additionally, the department had the support of ten part-time law enforcement officers from other local departments. All Vernon College Police Department officers have Licensed Peace Officers with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

Vernon College Police work by their mission and values, including “creating a safe and secure environment where teaching, learning, and leading can be achieved.” With highly-trained personnel and cutting-edge police services, the agency works to achieve trust, enforce the law fairly, and treat others with dignity.


Police Officer Gregory R. Young leaves behind his wife and son.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police shared sympathies with the Young family and Vernon College. “We send our condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Police Officer Gregory R. Young, Vernon College Police Department, Texas.”

Vernon College shared the news of the fallen officer with students and staff on their Facebook page. “Vernon College is sad to report the passing of Vernon College Police Officer Greg Young. Greg was a dedicated, happy, and fun-loving man who loved his family dearly and an asset to Vernon College. Officer Young will be greatly missed by many. Rest in peace, brother; we will take it from here.”

Sherrice Mills Hall, a friend, and coworker shared her thoughts about the loss with others on social media. “Just breaks my heart. Working with Greg, you knew he was a good guy and loved his family. He was like a brother from another mother, just an all-around nice guy. Hope they have plenty of ice coffee where he is going.”

Wichita Falls Police Department shared the details with their area residents. “We are saddened by the loss of Vernon College PD Officer Greg Young. Officer Young passed away this morning following his battle with COVID-19. Officer Young was a retired investigator from the Wichita County DA’s office and the husband of WFPD Detective Andrea Young. Please join us in keeping his friends and family in your thoughts and prayers. He will be missed.”