In Memory of Police Officer Clinton Adolphis Martin

In Memory of Police Officer Clinton Adolphis Martin

Georgia residents were saddened to learn from authorities that a local police officer had died due to COVID19. On Saturday, July 3, 2021, Police Officer Clinton Adolphis Martin, badge number 344, passed away due to complications of the virus. The coronavirus, COVID19, has quickly become the number one cause of line of duty deaths for law enforcement. Hundreds of officers have died due to the virus. Officer Clinton Martin was 42 years old.

Officer Martin began life in civil service right out of high school. Martin signed up to serve his country with the military. Officer Martin was a US Marine Corps Veteran. After leaving the Marines, he wanted to use what he had learned to help others. Martin chose to become a law enforcement officer to protect and serve residents in his community. He was a sworn officer with the Alpharetta Police Department for more than 15 years.

Clinton Martin is the first officer to die in the line of duty in the department’s history. He was interviewed while undergoing treatment for the virus and expressed how dangerous law enforcement is in the face of COVID19. Martin also said that his entire family tested positive for the virus. Martins stated that his wife and oldest son were also hospitalized. He died still worrying about his family and their health. He regretted not getting the vaccine, and his words for everyone was “Get it if you can.”

Alpharetta Police Department, Georgia

Martin chose to work with the Alpharetta Police Department. Alpharetta, Georgia, was initiated in 1858. The city has had a police department, fire department, and emergency health services for many years but decided that to serve residents better to incorporate these under one umbrella agency. The city works to assist with the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

All emergency services operate together. The police division has sworn and non-sworn officers working with community residents to make Alpharetta a safe place to work, live, and raise families. In addition, the department offers uniformed patrols, criminal investigations, K9, DUI, Logistics, and emergency response. The jurisdiction of the public safety department covers over 27 square miles, and service is provided to more than 65,000 residents.


Police Officer Clinton Adolphis Martin leaves behind his wife and three children. It will take a great deal of support from residents, friends, and family to see the Martin family through this challenging time. Residents lined the streets to show respect to the Martin family as area officers escorted him to his final resting place. Martin was laid to rest with full honors and the gratitude of many.

Martin’s son, Clinton, Jr., spoke at the service for his father. “My dad has given me so much; I am forever grateful. I will not forget what he has taught and given me. I will always love him, and I will treasure everything that he’s done for me. I hope that he can rest.”

Alpharetta Police Chief John Robison shared his feelings about the loss of Officer Martin. “We have lost a truly beloved and wonderful man. He has spent most of his adult life selflessly serving others through the military and law enforcement, and we will always be grateful for his servant’s heart. I want to thank our wonderful Alpharetta community for all the love and support you have shown to Clinton and his family over the last several weeks. I have no doubt you provided a tremendous blessing for Clinton and his family throughout his illness. Please continue to pray for Clinton’s wife and children, as well as all of the ADPS family.”