In Memory of Police Officer Bobby Montgomery

In Memory of Police Officer Bobby Montgomery

Tennessee Officer Dies from COVID

On Sunday, August 16, 2020, Police Officer Bobby Montgomery, age 45, passed away due to complications of the coronavirus. Officials briefed the public regarding the loss and shared their condolences with the Montgomery family. Officer Montgomery had served his community as a law enforcement officer for more than 17 years with the Memphis Police Department. It is presumed he contracted the virus through his job as an officer. He had been receiving treatment at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis.

Officer Montgomery was well-known to the youth in the community. He volunteered his time coaching football. Bobby Montgomery loved helping people in the community. He was a member of the Badville Racing Motorcycle club and enjoyed riding his motorcycle.

Outside of giving back and policing, Montgomery was also an entrepreneur. He owned the Shields Montgomery Travel Agency. Through this work, he enjoyed traveling to many places and writing blog articles about his adventures.

Memphis Police Department

Officer Montgomery served many years with the Memphis Police Department. The MPD is a large, extensive, and accredited police department with more than 2,080 officers. The department is so large, it covers 350 square miles and provides law enforcement services to more than 652,000 residents.

The agency is divided into nine precincts. The Mayor appoints the Director of the department after the city council ratifies the individual. Officer Montgomery was assigned to the Tillman Station.

Officers enjoy their service to the city of Memphis and its residents. Memphis has a rich history in commerce, education, media, art, and entertainment.


Police Officer Bobby Montgomery leaves behind his wife, two daughters, a son, mother, and siblings. He has a large extended family in the area. Like hundreds of thousands of families in the US, they now face their future without a loved one. Covid has changed families. Law enforcement agencies and residents worked together to show respect and honor to his sacrifice as he was laid to rest.

Memphis Police Lt. Col. Vincent Beasley shared some details of working with Officer Montgomery. “We referred to him as the gentle giant here. He was just a good guy, a family guy, always happy. I don’t ever remember seeing him, and I have been here two years; I don’t remember seeing him upset or anything.”

MPD Director Michael Rallings also gave a detailed statement about Officer Montgomery as he briefed the public about the loss. “We are deeply saddened over the tragic and untimely death of one of our very own, Officer Bobby Montgomery. Officer Montgomery was a hardworking 17-year veteran assigned to the bravo shift at the Tillman Station. Everyone who came into contact with him got to see firsthand why many of his coworkers affectionately referred to him as a “Gentle Giant.” Every day, Bobby came to work and served with a pleasant disposition and a smile on his face. He never complained; he just faithfully served.

I want to extend my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the local law enforcement community. Officer Montgomery personified what it means to be the ‘Best in Blue.’ His hard work and dedication to serving our community will be missed.”