In Memory of Patrolman Shane Green

In Memory of Patrolman Shane Green

On Sunday, August 29, 2021, the Sheridan Police Department in Arkansas was devastated to hear the news of a fallen colleague. Patrolman Shane Green, badge number 110, passed away due to complications resulting from contracting COVID19. It is presumed that he came into contact with the virus while working at the Sheridan Detention Center.

The virus has hit first responders and law enforcement extremely hard. Their occupations put them in direct contact with others, and they are jobs that are more susceptible to viral spread. The US has lost hundreds of law enforcement officers across the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Shane Green, age 50, had spent more than 30 years in law enforcement. He started at the age of 18 when he first began as a dispatch operator. He started his service with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. From that position, he worked to become a full-time Deputy with the department. Later, he took a shot at a job with the Sheridan Police Department.

The words written about Shane Green’s commitment to his life’s work say it all. “He was so proud to serve his friends in Grant County, and he did so with little fanfare but a tremendous amount of loyalty and integrity. If he were backing up a fellow officer or protecting a citizen, he would be the first one in and last out. However, as an officer, he encountered shattered lives and broken hearts resulting from tragedy, and he wasn’t afraid to embrace the hurting and shed a tear. Shane never sought the spotlight and truly never realized how loved and respected he was.”

Sheridan Police Department

The Sheridan Police Department is located in the same building as the Detention Center. A relatively small department, the agency has 14 certified law enforcement officers and one administrative assistant. However, it is a fully accredited agency that is the primary law enforcement for Sheridan, Arkansas.

Sheridan is the county seat of Grant County, Arkansas. It is noted as deeply forested timberlands. Officers patrol the town’s twelve square miles and provide needed services to the nearly 5,000 residents.


Patrolman Shane Green leaves behind his wife and three children. The community that Green served faithfully for so many years now has the opportunity to return that graciousness to the Green family by offering them support during these difficult times.

The Florida Police Chiefs Association posted their shared condolences on social media. “Please keep the Family and the Sheridan Police Department in your thoughts and prayers. Patrolman Shane Green, Sheridan Police Department (Arkansas), EOW August 29, 2021.”

Christopher Coggins of Jonesboro spoke of how Green had treated him with dignity and helped him turn his life around. “Shane was a great man. I met Shane and his family while in a bad spot in my life he treated me with dignity, and I looked up to him. He and many other Sheridan and grant county officers are why I live the life I am today. Thank you for your service, Mr. Green.”

Residents Richard and Karen Boling posted condolences for the Green family. “Dear family, Words are not enough; the impact Shane has had on this community is unbelievable! An amazing man! I have so many wonderful memories, years of working with him, the way he was always there for our family, the list goes on and on. To know Shane Green was to love him. Please know that each of you will be in our thoughts and prayers. We have the assurance from God that we will see him again. Cherish your memories as we will. He lives on in the hearts of the ones that loved him.”