In Memory of Park Ranger Thomas E. Booz

In Memory of Park Ranger Thomas E. Booz

Veteran Park Ranger Dies from Coronavirus

On June 6, 2020, Pennsylvania authorities were saddened to announce a local veteran parks department employee’s loss. Park Ranger Thomas E. Booz, age 64, passed away due to coronavirus complications. COVID19 has devastated the law enforcement community across the United States. In 2020, more than 276 officers have died directly due to the virus. This cause is more than all other reasons combined for line-of-duty deaths among officers this year.

Booz was receiving treatment for the virus at St. Mary Medical Center and had been hospitalized for several weeks. In the end, he succumbed to the virus. The community had been pulling for him to make a complete recovery. Booz was well-liked and had been a local officer for more than 32 years. Ranger Booz became a park ranger for Bucks County in 1988. His service was with the Buck County Rangers, which has the responsibility to patrol county-owned property and parks.

Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation

Thomas E. Booz loved his work as a park ranger. His service was through the Bucks County Department of Parks and Recreation. The agency was established in 1953. The mission of the Bucks County Parks and Recreation is to in every endeavor to improve the quality of life and environment for all Bucks County residents by working to enhance existing and projected recreational and cultural needs for the county. The department and rangers are responsible for acquiring and developing land and preserving open space and regional parks.

The duties of Ranger Booz were to care for nature in the area. As a ranger, Booz was entrusted with protecting and preserving parklands – national, state, provincial, or local parks. As a goal, park rangers work to protect park resources for future generations and protect park visitors. A park ranger is an officer of the law and, as such, enforces local, state, and federal law. Rangers also have the power to make arrests when necessary.

Survivors Mourn Sudden Loss

Park Ranger Thomas E. Booz leaves behind his wife, stepdaughter, and siblings. The unexpected losses experienced by families worldwide have been savage as hundreds of thousands of families have lost their loved ones.

Bucks County Government posted the following on their Facebook page regarding the loss of Ranger Booz. “Bucks County Park Ranger, Thomas Booz, who worked for the county for over 32 years, was the first county employee, and Buck County’s second first responder to die from COVID19. He was remembered fondly at a memorial service at Core Creek Park, which he patrolled for many years.”

The Bucks County Sheriff’s Office posted their condolences on their social media pages. “Today, the Bucks County Law Enforcement family lost one of its own. Bucks County Park Ranger Tom Booz died from complications related to COVID19. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom’s family and friends. Have a good thought and remember a good man that served the county of Bucks and it’s citizens since 1988. Rest easy, sir; we have it from here.”

Bristol Township Police shared a message regarding the passing of Ranger Booz on their social media. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Booz family, his co-workers, and friends during this difficult time. He will be missed by everyone who had the honor of knowing him.”