In Memory of Officer Hector Luis Calderon-Romero

In Memory of Officer Hector Luis Calderon-Romero

No one knows better the danger that a tense circumstance can present than police in the United States. Constantly under pressure to control people who are guaranteed rights that provide them a wide latitude of no control, the scenarios that citizens can present range from the mundane to sheer terror, even for a trained professional. With that thought, we continue to reflect on moments in the history of law enforcement we wish we could get back, the sacrifices of those that have paid the ultimate price on our behalf.

Carolina Municipality, Puerto Rico

Carolina is a densely populated suburb to San Juan, home to Puerto Rico’s major airport, Luis Munoz Marin International, and the birthplace of Roberto Clemente, one of the greatest baseball players of all-time. While Carolina is known for its location to San Juan, it truly is a ‘big city’ all its own, and is a major tourist spot all its own. The 2017 Caribbean World Series was hosted in Carolina, a source of pride in the city is its deep roots to baseball, starting with Clemente, moving to the present. Clemente was well known for taking money from his own bank account and using it to buy food and aid supplies, delivering them to locations throughout Latin America affected by natural disaster, man-made disaster, and overall effects of poverty. He would fly to many places in the region to help those in need. But another person was well known for coming to aid of others in Carolina Municipality.

Officer Hector Luis Calderon-Romero

Officer Hector Calderon-Romero was a four-year veteran of the Carolina Municipal Police Department. He started at the young age of 26. Officer Calderon-Romero was typical of who we’ve profiled up to this point: a consummate professional doing his job. After a few years working as an officer, Officer Calderon-Romero began off-duty security work. On September 17, 1995, during one of his security jobs he witnessed an armed robbery of a defenseless woman taking place near where he was working. He approached the criminal, identified himself as a police officer and in the process of arresting the criminal, they turned and shot Officer Caldeon-Romero numerous times, and fled the area.


Officer Calderon-Romero did exactly what he was trained to do, confront dangerous people and situations, and resolve the problem presented. His sacrifice prevented the death of at least one other person, and potentially several others. To date, Officer Calderon-Romero’s murderer has not been found. Something that both his wife and daughter, whom survive him, are forced to live with every day. Our hearts go out to Officer Calderon-Romero’s family.

In memory of Officer Hector Luis Calderon-Romero.