In Memory of Master Deputy Edward William Marsh

In Memory of Master Deputy Edward William Marsh

North Carolina residents were saddened to know that they had lost yet another officer to COVID19. On Sunday, October 10, 2021, Master Deputy William Marsh died due to complications of the virus. It is considered a line-of-duty death. Federal mandates have declared that all active-duty officers who die due to the COVID19 pandemic are line-of-duty deaths. This allows families to collect additional funds to help them with their future.

COVID19 has become the number one cause of line of duty deaths for law enforcement nationwide. The virus has ravaged the US, and law enforcement is one of the occupations with the most significant risk of infection. In addition, the job does not allow for social distancing and puts officers in a variety of risky situations.

Master Deputy Marsh served his community as a law enforcement officer with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office for more than nine years. Before working at Rowan County, Deputy Marsh served as a police officer with the Cleveland Police Department for more than eleven years. Deputy Edward Marsh was 40 years old.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina

The RCSI is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the US, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office. Today, the agency has more than 207 employees. This number includes 121 full-time sworn officers and 20 part-time law enforcement officers. In 2003, the department won a significant award for highway safety.

The department is the primary law enforcement agency for Rowan County. The jurisdiction covers more than 524 square miles, 12 of which are waterways. Deputies, like Marsh, provide services for approximately 142,500. In addition, the agency covers law enforcement, tax collection, jail operations, and patrols.


Master Deputy Edward William Marsh leaves behind his wife and two-year-old child. Unfortunately, the future for many US children is undetermined due to COVID. Deputy Marsh’s child joins more than 130,000 other US children who have lost either a parent or primary caregiver to the virus. Law enforcement agencies and residents will help to support the Marsh family during these difficult times.

ATF Headquarters expressed their condolences to the family and coworkers of Deputy Marsh. “Our condolences go out to @RowanSheriff and the family and friends of Master Deputy William Marsh who died from complications after contracting COVID-19 while on duty.”

The IACP or International Association of Chiefs of Police shared the grief online. “Our thoughts are with the family, friends, and colleagues of Master Deputy William Edward Marsh, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina.”

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office shared the news of the loss on social media. “It is with deep sadness that the Rowan County Sheriff’s announces that Master Deputy William “Billy” Marsh passed away due to COVID early this morning. Master Deputy Marsh was sworn in with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office in 2012 as a Reserve Deputy while also working at the Cleveland Police Department as a full-time officer. Master Deputy Marsh was a respected, dependable, and hardworking Deputy. Funeral arrangements are still pending at the present time.”

Janis Smith, a close family friend, shared details of the loss. “He was the most loving daddy and so proud of his family, so proud of his parents and his sisters. He was very quiet, but once he had his precious little daughter, I think he probably came out a lot more. He should be remembered as a brave, strong, and kind young man who cared a lot for other people, who always put other people first.”