In Memory of Detention Officer Robert Perez

In Memory of Detention Officer Robert Perez

Texas Corrections Ravaged by Pandemic

Texas has been hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic. Some of this can be attributed to the number of detention facilities in the state. Texas has more than 100 detention facilities, prisons, and correctional institutions. Social distancing can be extremely difficult within the walls of these facilities. To date, Texas has lost more than 35 correctional officers in the last year due to the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Detention Officer Robert Perez died from complications that come along with the virus. He contracted the virus through his work at the Harris County Jail during a severe outbreak among inmates. Officer Perez is the fourth death from COVID19 within the agency.

Officer Perez was devoted to his family, loved spending time with his two boys, and enjoyed his job. Perez graduated from Brazosport high school and simultaneously enlisted in the US Navy. He had a giving spirit and loved to help others during their hardships. He was extremely diligent at his work. He tried to live the motto of the sheriff’s department, “The Pride of Texas.”

Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas

Deputy Perez was devoted to his work at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The HCSO manages more than 3,500 employees. As the largest law enforcement agency in Texas, the department is also one of the area’s largest employers. Overall, the HCSO is the sixth-largest law enforcement agency in the US.

John Moore was appointed as the first sheriff of Harrison County. The county had previously been called Harrison, then later shortened its name. Harris County was initiated in 1837. The office began with one lone sheriff on horseback; today, they are among the most extensive and advanced law enforcement agencies in the US. The department is divided into ten bureaus, which are then further divided by type of crime or job responsibility. Officers of the HCSO are also responsible for all detention facilities in Harris County. As a Detention Officer, Robert Perez would have worked in one of the local detention facilities operated by the HCSO.


Families worldwide have faced the pandemic; many have lost loved ones, friends, and even neighbors. Detention Officer Robert Perez leaves behind his wife and two sons. In life, Perez was dedicated entirely to his family and caring for his community.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated how residents could honor the loss and stay focused on the future. “We honor him by staying the course at a moment when our community needs us the most. Each of us plays a role in fighting this virus. Each of us must lead by example and build on what’s working – staying informed, remaining positive, and following the guidance of the CDC and local public health officials.

We pray that Detention Officer Perez’s family finds peace and comfort knowing how the difference he made. We will keep him and his family in our hearts.”

Team Texas for Families of Fallen Officers posted the announcement on Facebook. “Another Texas hero is gone too soon. Always remember Detention Officer Robert Perez, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas.”