In Memory of Detective Anthony Standley

In Memory of Detective Anthony Standley

Texas has lost more officers to the ongoing pandemic than any other state. Hundreds of officers have been lost in Texas alone. On Thursday, August 26, 2021, Detective Tony Standley, badge 1904, died due to complications from COVID19. The coronavirus has become the leading cause of line of duty deaths among law enforcement.

Standley served his community as a law enforcement officer. At the start of the pandemic, we learned that certain occupations carried a much higher risk of contracting the virus. Standley worked for the Oyster Creek Police Department. Standley had more than 29 years of law enforcement experience. Before working at Oyster Creek, Standly had served at the police departments in Brazoria, Freeport, and Clute.

Oyster Creek Police Department, Texas

Standley served with the Oyster Creek Police Department. It is a small department of five full-time sworn officers. The department provides essential services for a community of about 1200 residents. It is a fully accredited agency located in Brazoria County, Texas.

Officers patrol the two square miles of the city, which is their jurisdiction. The city is named for the creek which borders it on the north. The stream initially flowed for 52 miles before flowing into intercoastal areas. The department is currently hiring, looking to fill vacant positions and Chief of Police.


Detective Tony Standley leaves behind his two daughters and four grandchildren. The residents, neighbors, extended family, and blue family will help support the Standley family for many years to come. Residents lined the street to show respect and gratitude to Detective Standley as he received a full escort to his final resting place.

The ATF Headquarters shared condolences for the Standley family on their social media feed. “Our condolences go out to the Oyster Creek Police Department and the family and friends of Detective Anthony Standley who died from complications after contracting COVID-19 while on duty.”

The IACP or International Association of Chiefs of Police shared the tragic news with their followers. “We send our condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Detective Anthony Standley, Oyster Creek Police Department, Texas.”

Superintendent Joe Morbitzer, Ohio Attorney General, was devastated by the loss and shared prayers with the family on social media. “On behalf of the Ohio Attorneys General Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation, our thoughts and prayers are with the immediate family of Detective Anthony Standley and the extended law enforcement family of the Oyster Creek Police Department, Texas.”

Jess Espinosa, a law enforcement supporter, posted his gratitude for others to read. “Detective Standley, for many years, you dedicated your life to protecting others that they may be safe. It took a small virus to take your life. Our Lord, who sees all and knows all, will reward you abundantly for your courage, dedication, and selfless service. May He immerse you and your loved ones in His Divine Mercy. Rest in peace, good and faithful servant.”

Sheriff Chris Kaber shared his thoughts and gratitude to Detective Standley. “On behalf of the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office in Klamath Falls, Oregon, we send our sincerest sympathy in the recent loss of your Detective, Anthony Standley, from complications of the COVID-19 Virus. It is always a huge loss when a fellow Detective succumbs from this deadly virus. Your bravery and courage to protect and serve your community have not gone unnoticed.”