In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Nicolas Blane Dixon

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Nicolas Blane Dixon

On Monday, July 8, 2019, Deputy Sheriff Nicolas Blane Dixon of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia died in the line of duty. Dixon was shot and killed while solving several burglaries in the area. Deputy Nicolas Dixon was looking forward to a long career at his dream job of being a law enforcement officer; however, he was taken far too soon. Dixon was 28 years old.

Dixon was the proud wearer of badge number P90 for the HCSO. He had served as a sworn officer in his community for over three years.

Several burglaries and car break-ins had occurred during the previous few days. A stolen vehicle that officers had been looking for was seen with several occupants. Deputies attempted to pull over the car. The driver then fled, which began a pursuit through the community. The vehicle they were driving wrecked, and the four suspects, who were juveniles, fled on foot.

Deputy Dixon pursued one of the suspects on foot. The suspect pulled out a weapon and fired on Dixon. The two exchanged shots. Dixon was fatally wounded; however, he was able to shoot back and hit the suspect despite his wounds.

EMTs rushed Dixon to the local hospital for treatment. The first responders did everything they could to save the life of Deputy Dixon. Unfortunately, shortly after midnight, Deputy Dixon succumbed to his wounds after arriving at the hospital.

Deputy Sheriff Nicolas Dixon was shot and killed following a vehicle pursuit of a stolen vehicle at approximately 11:15 pm. The wounded suspect was taken into custody immediately and treated at the hospital. The second suspect was found and arrested about eight hours after the incident. The remaining two suspects were caught the next day.

Three of the juveniles have been convicted of the murder of Deputy Dixon. Their conviction was handed down in July 2021. The fourth juvenile has been charged, and it is still in process.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

Dixon was a member of the HCSO, the Hall County Sheriff’s Office. The jurisdiction for the law enforcement agency covers an area of approximately 429 square miles. The county is located between the upper Piedmont area of the state and the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Just over 37 square miles of the county is water, and with this responsibility, the HCSO has a highly trained water search and rescue unit. In addition, the department provides law enforcement services to all non-incorporated areas of the county and those communities that contract their services.

The HCSO also provides patrol, SWAT, court service, victims services, courthouse security, and the Hall County Jail management. In addition, deputies have many responsibilities, including investigations, community outreach, and animal control. Many agency deputies are also involved in many of the volunteer programs throughout the neighborhoods in which they serve.


Deputy Sheriff Nicolas Blane Dixon leaves behind his wife, two sons, parents, two brothers, and grandparents. Dixons two sons are still so very young and will now face a future without their father. The HCSO and other law enforcement agencies reached out to the Dixon family to help with funeral arrangements. Hundreds of people from all around the area came to celebrate the life of Deputy Dixon.

Hall Sheriff Gerald Couch spoke of the incident. “He was out there in the darkness while most of us slept comfortably. The offenders started firing at the deputies.”

Dixon’s father, Fred Dixon, spoke of the conversation he had with his son when he decided to become a police officer. “About three years ago, he came to me and said he wanted to follow his dream and become a police officer. I always wanted my sons to do what makes them happy, so we were real supportive.”