In Memory of Deputy Sheriff LaKiya Louise Rouse

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff LaKiya Louise Rouse

North Carolina Loses Deputy

It was a sad day for North Carolina authorities to announce the loss of a young 26-year-old deputy due to the coronavirus. Deputy Sheriff LaKiya Louise Rouse passed away from complications of COVID19 on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. It was determined that she most likely came into contact with the virus during an outbreak at the Guilford County Courthouse. Deputy Sheriff Rouse had been providing security as a member of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office. She had been serving as a deputy for the past ten months.

Deputy Rouse barely had a chance to fight the virus. She served an eight-hour shift on Monday, October 19. On Tuesday, she was not feeling well and left work early. Late on Tuesday, Rouse went to the hospital, where she was admitted for treatment. On Wednesday, the following morning, she had passed. On admission to the hospital, she had been given the COVID19 test, which returned positive.

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Sheriff Rouse was beginning her career with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office. Her mother spoke of how much she enjoyed her assignment as bailiff and loved her work helping others. The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office is located in the county seat, Greensboro, North Carolina.

As a bailiff, Rouse worked for Superior Court Judge Lora Cubbage. She gave her and her courtroom the necessary security. Other members of the GCSO provide services to more than 540,000 residents. The patrol officers are responsible for an area of 658 square miles. Approximately twelve square miles is water; the department has water rescue capabilities.

Family Loses Their Hero

COVID19 has ravaged law enforcement families across this country and others. Families who have looked up to the one they call their ‘Hero.’ Though these heroes continue as first responders each day, they are being lost to a horrible virus. Deputy Sheriff LaKiya Louise Rouse leaves behind her parents, sister, and brother. To them, she was not just family, but their own personal hero. According to her mother, she was their rock. The community will help support them as they celebrate her life, face their grief, and their future.

Deputy Rouse’s mother, Joy Rouse, commented on how the loss impacted her and her family. “LaKiya was just a spirit, that, even from a baby, she was always loving and always like to hug and always loved people. She was a smart young lady. Not only did she have the beauty – she had brains behind it. I can see her now smiling and telling me to be strong. Love each other. Call and check on each other. Don’t let anything in the past keep you from being with your family. As you can see, I am a mother. One day my baby was here; the next day, my baby was gone.”

Superior Court Judge Lora Cubbage posted Rouse’s photo along with a message on her Facebook page. “The beautiful young lady in this picture was my bailiff. She protected me and made sure all things went the way they should. She was full of life and loved to laugh with me.”

Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers expressed his sadness at the news. “Today, our team suffered a terrible loss. No words can adequately express our sadness. Heavy-hearted, you know. We are a family here at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, and when one thing affects one, it affects all of us. Her goal was to serve and to protect – she enjoyed working. She was not one of the ones that you had to worry about whether they were going to come to work, whether they were going to be on time. Continue to pray for us, pray for our community, pray for our country, be sincere about other people.”