In Memory of Deputy Sheriff James Morgan

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff James Morgan

On Thursday, August 5, 2021, Arkansas residents heard the tragic news that they had lost a local deputy to the COVID19 pandemic. Unfortunately, COVID19 has become the number one cause of line of duty deaths for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Deputy Sheriff James Morgan, badge number 24, died due to complications from contracting the virus while on duty. Unfortunately, law enforcement is one of the careers that carry a much greater risk for contracting the virus. Often, law enforcement officers have a great deal of contact with the public, and there are times when social distancing can be impossible. Deputy James Morgan was 46 years old.

Deputy Morgan served his community as a law enforcement officer with the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office for more than nine years. He touched many lives in the area through his work. In addition, officers often get involved in many community efforts outside of law enforcement. Officers volunteer during their off-time and work to help those in need in the community. At a time when the virus is widespread, these are true heroes.

Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas

Deputy Morgan chose to serve his community through the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office. Baxter County is located in north-central Arkansas and shares a border with the state of Missouri. The agency has jurisdiction of approximately 600 square miles. The deputies patrol mountain scenery, pure lakes, and many rivers. Because of the area’s beauty, Baxter County is considered both a retirement place and a tourist destination.

The BCSO is working to reach community residents through transparency. The department is becoming a national leader in using various technologies to keep the public abreast of emergency information. In addition, the department feels that if they share access to their daily operations, it can help develop a sense of trust and the idea that residents can work directly with officers to create a safe place to live. As a result, Baxter County has prided itself on being one of the safest places to live and retire.


Deputy Sheriff James Morgan leaves behind his wife, three daughters, and two granddaughters. This is the result of the virus. The virus is taking many leaders from our communities and leaving devastation and heartbreak in its path. Honor guards and area law enforcement will volunteer to help the Morgan family during their time of need and help with the complexity of making the service for Deputy Morgan honorable and memorable.

Bill and Lyn Keaster, friends and residents, shared their condolences for the Morgan family. “Jim always had a kind word and a big smile on his face. He was one of the hardest working men ever and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family now and in the difficult days ahead.”

Reserve Police Officer G. Krystoff expressed sorrow for the family’s loss. “So sad to hear the news. May you rest in peace after having served those around you. My thoughts are with you, your family, fellow officers, and friends.”

Retired Police Officer Javier Cornejo shared a quoted prayer with the family. “The true measure of a person is not found in the might of their arm, their wealth, or their power – it is found in the strength of their character. There is no greater testimony to one’s character than one’s willingness to sacrifice all in the noble quest of protecting all whom they serve.”