In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Claude Winston Guillory

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Claude Winston Guillory

Louisiana Deputy Dies from COVID19

Authorities in Louisiana sadly briefed the public about the loss of a local officer. On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, Deputy Sheriff Claude Guillory died due to complications of the coronavirus. Age 63, Guillory had been an active law enforcement officer for more than 32 years. His most recent post, wearing badge number 592 as a member of the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office. Guillory is the second officer in the department’s history to die from a line of duty cause.

A veteran officer with years of experience, he had just begun his post with the JDSO a year ago. Previously, Guillory had worked with the Jennings Police Department, Lake Arthur Police Department, and the Coushatta Tribal Police Department.

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office

The Jefferson Davis Parish is located in Southwest Louisiana. It is situated about halfway between Houston and New Orleans. The Sheriff’s Office protects all the residents living in the 652 square mile parish.

The first sheriff appointed to the JDPSO was Joseph F. Fuselier in 1913. The parish has since grown, and the office is now responsible for more than 32,000 residents, the parish jail, and providing security and services to the local courts.

The parish is primarily in rural agricultural areas. The mainstay of the county is rice, sugarcane, soybeans, cattle, and crawfish. Jefferson Davis Parish is known far and wide for its excellent fishing and duck hunting.


COVID19 has ravaged every corner of the globe. Devastated families worldwide are grieving the loss of loved ones who have not survived the pandemic. Children, who may miss out on the love and guidance of a parent or grandparent, are most at risk for their futures.

Deputy Sheriff Claude Winston Guillory leaves behind his wife, two children, seven grandchildren, and many extended family members, friends, and neighbors. Children who will face futures without the strength, support, and wisdom of their grandfather. It will take a community of strength to see that the children impacted by loss during the pandemic can face their futures head-on and succeed.

Chief Deputy Chris Ivey, with the JDPSO, delivered the briefing, informing residents of the department’s loss. “Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s office is heartbroken to report; we lost a deputy today. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Claude Winston Guillory, 63, who passed away due to Covid-19 related complications. You are always in our hearts, Winston, and we will never forget the smile you always had. Deputy Guillory had over 30 years in law enforcement. He retired from the Jennings police department, worked a short time for the Lake Arthur police department and Coushatta tribal police. Guillory became a Sheriff’s deputy in 2019 and worked in the 911 office. He will be greatly missed by all.”

The Guillory family released a statement thanking the community for the support. “Our family is forever grateful to the outpouring of support we have gotten during this hard time from law enforcement all over the state. We didn’t realize how many lives he’s touched over the years. We lost a great man that has sacrificed seeing his grandchildren grow up in return for trying to make his community a better place.”