In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Carlos J. Cammon

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Carlos J. Cammon

On Friday, August 23, 2019, authorities in Orange County, California, briefed residents about a local deputy who had died in the line of duty. Deputy Sheriff Carlos J. Cammon, age 35, passed away from complications of a possible heat stroke incurred on July 18, 2013.

Deputy Cammon was working with other SWAT Team members during a training exercise. The day had been hot, and the training members go through can be difficult with the amount of gear worn. Cammon collapsed during the training at the Sheriff’s Training Facility in Tustin.

Deputy Cammon was rushed to the local hospital. He was treated for dehydration and cardiac issues. However, Cammon never regained consciousness. He remained in a rehabilitation center for over six years before he passed away.

Deputy Sheriff Carlos Cammon had served his community for over six years with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He had his last assignment at Stanton Station. In 2010, Cammon was awarded the Medal of Courage and three other deputies. These officers had subdued a man wielding a knife and assaulting a woman. All four officers were off duty and at a restaurant.

Born in Los Angeles, Cammon was raised in San Gabriel. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology Law and Society from UC Irvine in 2006. Cammon was looking forward to a long career in law enforcement.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office, California

The OCSO is the primary law enforcement agency for Orange County, California. The agency is large, with a budget of over $300 million per year. The department currently has over 1500 officers and 1500 civilian employees.

The jurisdiction of the agency covers 948 square miles. These men and women provide protection, victims’ services, criminal investigations, and more to the county, with over 3.2 million residents.

The OCSO was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the state of Florida, with a history dating back to 1845. The first sheriff elected to the agency was William Henry Williams. The agency covers patrols, criminal investigations, court services and manages the Orange County Jail.


Deputy Sheriff Carlos J. Cammon leaves behind his mother, friends, neighbors, and many coworkers who will mourn his loss. The OCSO came forward to help Cammon’s mother with arrangements and performed full honors for the sacrifice he made.

OC Sheriff Don Barnes made the announcement on his social media pages. “I’m saddened to announce the passing of OCSD Deputy Carlos Cammon. Deputy Cammon died last night after succumbing to injuries suffered during a SWAT tryout in 2013. Deputy Cammon, then 29 years old and a six-year veteran of the Department, was assigned to patrol in @OCSDStanton.”

President of the Association of Orange County Deputies Tom Dominguez spoke of how difficult the situation was for Cammon’s mother, who sat by his side nearly every day. “Mom never gave up hope, and that’s what kept her going. I think that’s what kept him going, and all of us felt that maybe there was a glimmer of hope that he would come back, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”

Dominguez went on to say more about Cammon. “He’s pretty typical of a guy early in his career just wanting to do the most he could possibly do to serve the public. That’s what he wanted most, to do a good job for the community he served, and ultimately he paid the price.”