In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Anthony White

In Memory of Deputy Sheriff Anthony White

Fulton County Loses Two Officers in Automobile Crash

Fulton County, Georgia authorities were stunned and saddened to announce the sudden loss of two of their officers in a collision accident on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Deputy Sheriff Anthony White, along with his partner Deputy Sheriff Kenny Ingram, died in a vehicle crash that occurred while en route to pick up an inmate on I-20 near the 190 exit in Columbia County. The inmate was to be picked up to be returned to Fulton County. Their vehicle crashed violently into the back end of a stopped tractor-trailer.

Calls flooded the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office regarding the crash around 11:15 am. Both officers were assigned to the Law Enforcement Division of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and were on duty at the time. The accident caused all lanes on I-20 to close for several hours while there was an investigation. It was approximately 2:00 pm before traffic began to move again.

Deputy White had served his community through the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for the last eight years. Chaplains who are working with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office are offering their services to provide counseling to anyone in the community who is impacted by these officers’ loss.

The two officers were best friends. According to Fulton County Lt. Col. Shawn Jones, “They were partners, 99% of the time they were partners. When they were not scheduled to be partners, they went to the supervisors and tried to figure out why they were not partners.”

Jones stated that they often had to go pick up inmates as part of their duties in the Law Enforcement Division. They enjoyed working together, and everyone in the department liked them. “They were good with people; they were able to establish rapport with pretty much everybody they met,” he said. “They were very effective communicators and able to establish rapport with individuals to complete their job.”

Deputy White was known to have a special rapport with juvenile offenders, and whenever there was a problem, he would be called on to intervene. He was always able to talk with young people and try to lead them in the right direction. The news about the loss of both deputies shocked the entire department and left them stunned in grief.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy White and his partner Deputy Ingram both served with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The FCSO is located in Atlanta, Georgia. They are responsible for law enforcement for the entire county, maintaining the Fulton County Jail’s management, and providing court security and services. In 1931, due to state legislation, the FCSO also took command of law enforcement responsibilities for both Campbell County to the south and Milton County to the north for financial reasons.

Grieving Families Come Together

Two families of two best friends are now left to come together and grieve. These two friends worked together every day, and they left their lives behind together. Family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors are all coming together to grieve and celebrate their lives the way they lived.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp left his condolences on his Twitter page for all to see. “Tragic news. Please join @GAFirstLady, the girls, and I in praying for these two officers’ families, loved ones, and colleagues. The thoughts and prayers of all Georgians are with you.”

Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson made a brief statement, including sharing his grief and condolences. “These men had a profound sense of duty throughout their distinguished careers with this agency, and for us and this county, the loss of these deputies is devastating.”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms shared her condolences with residents. “May, the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding, rest upon the families, friends, and colleagues of these deputies.”