In Memory of Deputy Probation Officer II Julio Lopez Beltran

In Memory of Deputy Probation Officer II Julio Lopez Beltran

California Probation Officer Dies from COVID19

California officials came forward to brief residents that the state had lost a deputy probation officer in Riverside County to the coronavirus pandemic. Deputy Probation Officer II Julio Lopez Beltran, age 34, died from complications of COVID19 on Saturday, November 14, 2020. More than 400 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty in 2020, and many more first responders.

It is presumed that Deputy Beltran contracted the virus during his duties. Over his career, Beltran worked with both juvenile and adult offenders. In his most recent assignment, Beltran was handling a large adult caseload.

Riverside County Probation Department

The Riverside County Probation Department manages the oversight of released offenders who have been ordered to comply with probation or parole regulations. Beltran gave the last seven years of his law enforcement career to the RCPD. Beltran was assigned to the Central Services Division.

The city of Riverside, California, was incorporated in 1883. By 1905, the city initiated the probation officer’s office and set salary limits for the position. In 1907, a local judge, Riverside County Superior Court Judge F.E. Densmore, appointed a committee of residents to vote for an individual to be placed in a Probation Officer position. The first Riverside County probation officer, Mr. B.W. Handy was appointed as Chief Probation Officer and served his community until 1910.

Today RCPD is a modern law enforcement agency that handles all probation cases in the county and many low-level parolees. Due to COVID19, the office has gone to other means of communication with parolees, such as phone or email. The lobby is still open from 9-5 each day, but COVID restrictions are in place.


COVID has left holes in many families. These families face a challenging future, many having lost their leaders. It is essential to keep in mind those who are working through grief in the coming years ahead. Deputy Probation Officer Julio Lopez Beltran leaves behind his wife, his son, and his parents. His family will need the support of those around them to get through these difficult times.

Chief Probation Officer Ron Miller II shared his sympathies as he briefed residents about the loss. “We are devastated and heartbroken. We ask that you join us in remembering his commitment and contribution to his community and to keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.”

Riverside Sheriff’s Association posted their condolences and asked others to honor the sacrifice made by Deputy Beltran. “Deputy Beltran was a 7-year veteran of the @RSO department; he passed away on November 14 due to COVID-19. We kindly ask that you take a moment to share this fund we set up to support his family during this difficult time.”

David Brown responded to the announcement of the loss of Officer Beltran by the Riverside County Probation Department’s Facebook page. “Deputy Beltran, you made our trade proud with your legacy in our branch law enforcement that is recognized that a lot of people do not understand the dangers we face every day and making the ultimate sacrifice as you did to keep your community and our nation safe so individuals and families can sleep safe at night. We will take your watch from here, so you have Rest in Peace under God’s blanket to keep you warm.”

On Officer Beltran’s birthday following his death, the Riverside County Probation Office posted a message to Beltran on their Facebook page. “Thinking of our fallen brother, Deputy Probation Officer Julio Beltran, on what would have been his 35th birthday. Julio, you are truly missed!”