In Memory of Deputy Constable Levi Kelling Arnold

In Memory of Deputy Constable Levi Kelling Arnold

New Orleans Loses Constable to COVID19

The City of New Orleans was sad to announce the loss of a local constable to the coronavirus. Deputy Constable Levi Kelling Arnold, age 68, died on March 30, 2020, from complications arising from COVID19. It is presumed that he contracted the virus during his duties working security details during Mardi Gras. Constable Arnold had served his community in law enforcement for over 30 years.

Arnold worked at New Orleans Traffic Court, providing security. He was interested in politics and a massive fan of the Saints. Arnold cherished his family and enjoyed spending time with his children and grandchildren. He spent his life protecting and working to help others.

First City Court of New Orleans Constable’s Office

Deputy Constable Arnold worked for the New Orleans Constable’s Office. In the New Orleans jurisdiction, the constable is the chief law enforcement for the First City Court and the entire east bank of the New Orleans Parish. This is one of the largest jurisdictions in the United States.

A constable’s duties include serving pleadings, making seizures, executing evictions, and conducting property sales. It is unique that the constable’s officer performs all their responsibilities at no charge to the taxpayer. The first city court jurisdiction includes civil lawsuits under $25,000, small claims under $5,000, and eviction processes for residential and commercial properties.

Husband and Wife Die Just Days Apart

Deputy Constable Levi Kelling Arnold leaves behind his three children and eight grandchildren. The sad news is that just days before he passed, his wife of 35 years died in the hospital waiting on her test results. She had been a local school teacher for over 40 years, teaching generations of students and being a mentor for hundreds of families in the New Orleans area. She taught first grade at St. Mary’s.

According to the Arnold children, “We have to make sure we carry on the legacy in the best way possible. Everything just got worse and worse until the end. We were left without parents. We don’t have parents anymore. It has been tremendous crying until tears are not coming out. We are numb at this point. It is hard to cry. It is coming in waves. For us, it is like a nightmare. Like I have been saying this whole time, I’m trying to build my mental strength dealing with the situation. We lost two great people just days apart.”

Young hero Zechariah Cartledge took the time to sponsor an impressive run in honor of Deputy Constable Arnold. 12-year-old Zechariah has been running a mile for each officer lost in the line of duty to raise awareness and funds for families to help with expenses. He has built a foundation Running 4 Heroes, demonstrating that even children can make a difference in others’ lives. He was overcome with emotion and ran with the blue line flag in honor of Deputy Arnold.