In Memory of Corrections Officer V Joe Landin

In Memory of Corrections Officer V Joe Landin

TDCJ Loses 30 Officers in 2020 to COVID19

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) has recently announced the 30th corrections officer to die from the pandemic for 2020. The COVID19 has ravaged institutions and prisons across the country, but Texas has suffered in losses with more than 100 prisons in the state. On Monday, December 28, 2020, Corrections Officer Joe Landin, age 54, passed away from complications of the virus. He had worked for the TDCJ as a correctional officer for more than 25 years.

Texas lost a total of 80 law enforcement officers in 2020. Most of these line of duty deaths were due to the coronavirus.

Landin tested positive and was admitted to the hospital in Lubbock, Texas, on December 14. His condition worsened, and he spent several days in ICU before he succumbed to the illness. He was a family man who lived with integrity, pride, and a great love for others.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Corrections Officer Joe Landin gave his life and career to the TDCJ. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is the government agency responsible for statewide criminal justice in Texas. The TDCJ manages adult offenders in the state, private, and federal correctional facilities in the state. The department handles funding and management of community supervision. TDCJ also provides oversight of offenders on parole or other court-ordered supervision.

Texas, through the TDCJ, operates the most extensive prison system in the United States. The state has more than 100 correctional facilities. The TDCJ is a leading employer throughout Texas. It provides jobs to more than 37,000 Texans, many of whom are sworn, correctional officers.

Montford Unit

Landin was assigned to the John Montford Psychiatric Facility. The Montford Unit is also located in Lubbock, Texas, and provides mental and medical treatment to offenders. The unit has a maximum hold of 1074 inmates. Services are divided into needs; 550 inmates in psychiatric care, 400 offenders in the Trusty Camp, an additional 84 inmates in the Western Regional Medical Facility, and 40 inmates in the Long-Term Care Facility.

Many offenders in the Trusty Camp area find work assignments that provide various supportive tasks to the central unit. This could include jobs in areas such as maintenance, kitchen, and laundry work. Educational and employment preparation programs and many others are available to help the inmates’ transition back to society.

Communities in Texas Healing

From the significant loss that Texas has had in its prison communities, with TDCJ employees and more, entire communities in Texas are healing. They are banding together to support families like Landin’s, helping them through their grief. Corrections Officer Joe Landin leaves behind two sons, two daughters, and seven grandchildren. Extended family, neighbors, and friends will join them in the celebration of life to honor Landin’s sacrifice.

TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier spoke of the dedication that was shown by Landin. “Joe Landin had heart and dedication that were unmatched in TDCJ. His first thought was always how best to serve. The thoughts and prayers of the TDCJ family are with the Landin family now. Officer Landin will always be remembered.”

Correctional Institutions Division Bobby Lumpkin spoke of the generous nature that Landin showed. “Going above and beyond was second nature to Joe Landin. An example of duty before self, he volunteered to go to the Beaumont area responding to the 2005 hurricanes and again in 2020. His companionship, sincerity, and his empathy for others, as well as his dedication to his children, made him a pleasure to be around. He was greatly loved, respected, and will be missed by all that knew him.”