In Memory of Corrections Officer Nelson Perdomo

In Memory of Corrections Officer Nelson Perdomo

New Jersey Loses Correctional Officer

On April 9, 2020, the New Jersey Department of Corrections briefed the public that they had lost a local corrections officer to the coronavirus pandemic. Corrections Officer Nelson Perdomo, age 44, died as a result of complications of the virus. COVID19 has taken many lives, and we have learned that certain occupations carried a greater risk for contracting the virus. Many law enforcement officers and corrections officers’ lives have been lost.

In late March, Officer Perdomo was feeling weak and feverish. He went for treatment at the Raritan Bay Medical Center. Like many others, Perdomo wound up on a ventilator.

Born in El Salvadore, Perdomo was brought to the United States at the age of three. His family settled in New Jersey. From a young age, Perdomo displayed a love of others and a search for justice. This quality would be with him throughout his life. As a kid, Perdomo would ride around practicing for a law enforcement career on his CHiPs motorcycle.

A family man, he was known to all to be loving and giving. He will be deeply missed by many who loved him.

New Jersey Department of Corrections

For 19 years, Corrections Officer Nelson Perdomo served his community as a corrections officer with the New Jersey Department of Corrections. The NJDOC operates thirteen facilities in the state. The state agency manages seven adult male facilities, three youth facilities, one sex offender facility, and one women’s prison. There is also a central intake unit and a reintegration unit.

The NJDOC provides services with the assistance of more than 24,000 employees and 1500 volunteers. Overall, 6,000 of these employees are trained corrections officers like Perdomo. Officer Perdomo is the second known death for the agency due to COVID19.

East Jersey State Prison

Perdomo was assigned to the East Jersey State Prison. This is a minimum to a maximum-security facility that can house up to 1500 adult males of all security levels. The prison has distinctive architecture, including a large round dome. Its unique look has made an appearance in several Hollywood films.

The prison is located in Rahway, New Jersey. This area is part of Middlesex County. Offenders take educational, vocational, and counseling services to help them during their stay and provide employment opportunities upon release. This prison was the location for the original “Scared Straight” production.


Corrections Officer Nelson Perdomo leaves behind his wife and three children. The ravages of the pandemic tragically impact another family. Many local law enforcement officers gathered to escort Perdomo to his final resting place to honor his service. It will take the support of the community and loved ones for the Perdomo family to help them through to their future.

Brandon Aponte, a friend, and coworker shared his condolences and shared grief with a statement. “He was a hero, a friend, and a brother to us all and will be missed dearly. It is hard to find the words to express how devastating this all seems. And no words can ever express to his wife Fanny and to his three kids Emma, Maya, and Tito how sorry we are or how sad we feel for this untimely and tragic loss.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy shared the loss on his Facebook page. “Nelson Perdomo was a 19-year veteran corrections officer. God bless him, his wife Fanny, and their kids Emma, Maya, and Tito.”