In Memory of Corrections Officer IV Charles Hughes

In Memory of Corrections Officer IV Charles Hughes

Texas authorities are reeling from the number of officers lost to the COVID19 virus. The state has lost more law enforcement officers to the virus than any other. On Saturday, September 25, 2021, Corrections Officer IV Charles Hughes died due to complications of the virus. He likely contracted the virus at his work with the Reverend C. A. Holliday Correctional Institute.

Hughes served his community for more than 39 years as a sworn law enforcement officer. Despite his age and the extreme risk to his health with the COVID19 pandemic, Hughes still put on his badge and protected others. He took the responsibility of taking care of others very seriously.

The US has lost hundreds of officers to this devastating virus. COVID19 has become the number one cause of line of duty deaths among law enforcement across the country. Texas has lost more than 50 law enforcement officers since January 2021.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Officer Charles Hughes had given 34 years to the TDCJ. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is responsible for statewide criminal justice in Texas. TDCJ manages all adult offenders in Texas, private and federal correctional facilities in the state. In addition, the department develops funding and management of community supervision. TDCJ also provides care of offenders on parole or other court-ordered supervision.

Texas, through the TDCJ, operates the most extensive prison system in the United States, with more than 100 correctional facilities. The TDCJ is a leading employer throughout Texas. It provides jobs to more than 37,000 Texans, many of whom are sworn correctional officers. COVID19 has ravaged the prisons, staff, and communities surrounding many of the TDCJ facilities.

Reverend C. A. Holliday Correctional Institution

Hughes had served his community at the Reverend C. A. Holliday Correctional Institution. This is a Texas supermax prison facility. This is the primary intake facility for the Texas prison system. Inmates are brought here for psychological and other testing. Results from these tests help authorities figure out which prison or facility would best suit the offender’s needs.

The Holliday Unit can house up to 2,128 male inmates. The facility offers a variety of choices for employment opportunities, including field crops, farm shop, regional pest control, security horses, and canines. Additionally, with testing for the right fit for the inmate, the state offers employment, education, and counseling services to help enhance the inmate’s future upon release.


Corrections Officer IV Charles Hughes leaves behind two children. Extended family, neighbors, friends, and fellow law enforcement will gather to celebrate the life lived by Charles Hughes and share their memories. Residents and law enforcement will support the Hughes family during these challenging times.

TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier shared his sympathies over the loss of the long-term employee and officer. “The Texas Department of Criminal Justice extends its thoughts and prayers to Officer Hughes’ family, friends, and co-workers at the Holliday Unit,” said TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier. “We are grateful for his service to the state of Texas, and he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and worked with him.”

Holliday Unit Supervisor Brian Smith shared his thoughts about the loss of Officer Hughes. “Officer Hughes was a dedicated officer who was admired by his peers and supervisors.” He added that “his resiliency was a characteristic that stood out the most.”