In Memory of Correctional Officer V Connell Foreman

In Memory of Correctional Officer V Connell Foreman

Texas has lost many officers in 2021 to the COVID19 pandemic. The state has suffered more losses among its law enforcement officers than any other state. On Saturday, September 25, 2021, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced the loss of their 66th employee to die from the virus. Correctional Officer V Connell Foreman died due to complications of contracting the coronavirus while on duty.

Correctional Officer Foreman has a total of 39 years with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. In addition, she worked for over 25 years at the Rusk State Hospital. In 2005, Foreman transferred to the TDCJ as a fully sworn corrections officer to work at the Hodge Unit. She retired in 2013. The TDCJ rehired her in 2014.

On August 30, the agency gave out covid tests to employees, and Foreman tested positive. On September 8, Foreman was admitted to the hospital, and she had to be ventilated. Unfortunately, her condition worsened, and she succumbed to the virus.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Corrections Officer V Connell Foreman gave her life and career to the TDCJ. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) is responsible for statewide criminal justice in Texas. The TDCJ manages adult offenders in the state, private, and federal correctional facilities in the state. In addition, the department handles funding and the management of community supervision. TDCJ also provides oversight of offenders on parole or other court-ordered supervision.

Texas, through the TDCJ, operates the most extensive prison system in the United States. The state has more than 100 correctional facilities. As a result, the TDCJ is a leading employer throughout Texas. It provides jobs to more than 37,000 Texans, many of whom are sworn correctional officers.

Skyview Unit

The Skyview Unit is a co-gender facility. It is a prison located in Rusk, Texas. The 58-acre facility shares the grounds with the Hodge Unit. Skyview can hold a limit of 528 prisoners. Skyview is a prison for the mentally ill. Staff members who work at this facility must undergo additional training to be able to work more effectively with the inmates


Correctional Officer Connell Foreman leaves behind her family, community, and coworkers. Many Texas residents will work to provide for her honors at her service. The support of residents will help her family get through these difficult times.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Executive Director Bryan Collier shared the news of the loss and condolences for the Foreman family. “Officer Foreman was a dedicated employee of TDCJ, and her service will never be forgotten. She was an asset to the agency, and we extend our heartfelt sympathy to her family, friends, and coworkers at the Skyview Unit.”

Skyview Unit Senior Warden Larry Berger spoke highly of Foreman and spoke of her excellent, caring temperament. “Mrs. Foreman was loved by her family at TDCJ. She was often assigned to the Skyview 4 Building Desk and would greet each visitor with a smile and a warm welcome. She had a motherly demeanor, a genuine spirit, and cared deeply for her coworkers. Foreman loved her job and considered those she worked with as a family.”