In Memory of Correctional Officer Calyne St. Val

In Memory of Correctional Officer Calyne St. Val

Two days after hearing the news of the loss of a correctional officer in Florida to the virulent COVID19 pandemic, Florida residents were disheartened to hear that the state had yet another loss. On Friday, October 1, 2021, Correctional Officer Calyne St. Val died due to complications from contracting COVID19 while on duty. Officer St. Val was 40 years old.

For the last two years, Officer Calyne St. Val had served her community as a sworn law enforcement officer with the Miami-Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Most likely, she contracted the virus while on duty. She had been serving providing security at the Pre-Trial Detention Center in Miami.

Americans needed to keep officers on the job and communities safe during this pandemic. Federal legislations were created to protect families of officers from financial loss. Suppose an active-duty officer contracts the virus on duty and loses his life. In that case, it is given line of duty death status to provide additional benefits to families of fallen officers.

Law enforcement and first responders have significantly higher rates of infection. The duties of an officer put them into contact with many residents throughout each shift. Social distancing isn’t always an option. Florida ranks second in the loss of officers to the virus. Florida has lost 62 officers in the past two years, with 53 due directly to COVID19.

Miami-Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Florida

St. Val had served with the MDCR for over two years. The MDCR provides management of the six detention facilities in Miami-Dade County. The agency averages more than 312 arrests per day.

The MDCR provides security and management of correctional facilities in Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is unique in that the county has such a large population that it requires an entire department to manage its facilities. As a result, the Miami-Dade DOC is still under the supervision of the Florida Department of Corrections.

This correctional department serves all of Miami-Dade County and its thirty municipal police departments, the county police department, and other state agencies. Officer St. Val was looking forward to a long career with the agency.

Miami-Dade County of Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (MDCR) is the seventh-largest county jail system in the country. The agency has nearly 3000 employees, many sworn corrections officers. The MDCR operates six detention facilities with a daily average of approximately 7000 inmates. The daily average for bookings is 312 arrests per day.


Correctional Officer Calyne St. Val leaves behind her mother, five brothers, and sister. The St. Val family will need the support of family, friends, neighbors, and others to help them through this difficult time. In addition, area law enforcement will help participate in services providing honor ceremonies demonstrating the gratitude and significance of a loss made on behalf of others.

The Miami Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shared the news online. “It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the passing of Correctional Officer Calyne St. Val, age 40, who passed away on Friday, October 1, 2021. Please keep the St. Val family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.”

The Miami-Dade Police Department shared condolences on their social media. “We express our deepest condolences to our friends at the @MDCCorrections during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with the family, friends, and colleagues of Correctional Officer Calyne St. Val.”