In Memory of Corporal Michael Ambrosino

In Memory of Corporal Michael Ambrosino

South Carolina Officer Dies from COVID19

On August 19, 2020, South Carolina authorities were saddened to announce a veteran police officer’s loss due to complications arising from coronavirus. COVID19 is on track to be the number one killer of line-of-duty deaths among law enforcement for this year. Corporal Michael Ambrosino, age 58, has passed away from the killer virus. He had served his community as a law enforcement officer for over 32 years.

As he was affectionately known by coworkers, Ambro served for seven years with the Horry County Police Department. Before joining the Horry County Police Department, Ambrosino served with the New York State Department of Corrections, Philmont Police Department, and the Coxsackie Police Department.

Ambrosino led a full life outside his work with law enforcement. He was very active, loved to spend time outdoors, and often competed in races. He enjoyed time with his family and friends and was known to take many leisurely trips with them. One of his favorite fun times was participating in mudding activities.

Horry County Police Department

Corporal Michael Ambrosino was an officer for more than 32 years. His last seven years were spent serving with the Horry County Police Department. During his time as an officer for HCPD, he served on the South Precinct Patrol, Beach Patrol, Honor Guard, and as team leader for SWAT Negotiations.

Horry County Police Department was initially established by legislative decree. It originated in 1959 and re-affirmed by a county-wide election in 1998. It is the only county police department that remains in South Carolina. They are responsible for all non-traffic incidents in the county and in all towns and cities that do not have police departments. The department covers over 1200 square miles, has four precincts and nearly 300 sworn officers.

Coronavirus Impacts Lives

Coronavirus has been impacting the lives of many across the globe. Law enforcement communities have been hit incredibly hard, and COVID will be the number one killer of officers in the line-of-duty this year. Corporal Michael Ambrosino leaves behind his wife. He also leaves extended family, neighbors, friends, residents, and coworkers who will share in the grief of losing such a great community asset.

Funeral services for Ambrosino were held at the Myrtle Beach State Park Pier. His family asked that part of the service be held at the pier because it was where he loved to spend his time. All public safety officers who have died this year due to the pandemic are considered line-of-duty deaths per an order from the White House Administration.

His family released the following statement regarding the passing of their loved one and the impact the virus has had on mourning and the community. “Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to reach out to our family, offer assistance, and share a little about their experiences over the years with Mike. It’s touching how kind and generous people truly are. While we haven’t read every letter or comment yet, or returned every call, hearing about Mike and the people he reached on so many different levels make us incredibly proud of him. To know that he made a difference in the lives of others is a light in the darkness. It doesn’t make the loss acceptable, but it does help the pain.

It’s hard for us right now. The beautiful stories make us laugh and smile, but they also hurt because it means Mike isn’t here, and truthfully, we would trade all of it in a minute if it would bring him back.

COVID-19 took Mike, and it took our ability to mourn fully with everyone who meant so much to him, but it cannot and will not take our memories. Those live on forever, just like our love for him.”