In Memory of Corporal Jack Lee Guthrie, Jr.

In Memory of Corporal Jack Lee Guthrie, Jr.

The staff, students, and area residents near Dallas College were saddened to hear that an elderly campus police officer had died in the line of duty. On Thursday, December 9, 2021, Corporal Jack Lee Guthrie, Jr., badge number 26, died due to complications of COVID19. He most likely contracted the virus in the course of his duties as he served at the North Lake Campus in Irving, Texas. Corporal Jack Guthrie was 74 years old.

COVID19 has devastated police departments across the country and all over the world. The coronavirus has become the number one cause of line of duty deaths among officers in the past two years. Yet, law enforcement is necessary for keeping communities safe and having the resources to handle natural or other disasters. These are the men and women who are a large part of our emergency response systems. They must remain on the job to keep law and order across the country.

Policing is one occupation that carries a significantly higher risk of virus transmission. In addition, social distancing is not always possible, and masks can be a detriment to safety for some. Nevertheless, these officers are heroes as they continue to face an invisible threat to the safety and security of their communities around them.

Corporal Jack Guthrie served as a law enforcement officer for over eighteen years. In his youth, after high school, Guthrie served in the military. He was a US Air Force veteran. Guthrie has been a beloved fixture with the Dallas College Police Department for the past seventeen years. Before working with the college, Guthrie previously served with the Dallas County Constable’s Office.

Dallas College Police Department, Texas

The Dallas College has more than seven campuses and sixteen branch locations. With a university of this size, it has its police department. It is common for universities and colleges to provide for the security and safety of staff and students by having their police departments.

Lauretta Hill, the Chief of Police for Dallas College, shares a positive message of being of service to the students and staff on campus on the department’s website. It is a fully accredited law enforcement agency, and officers are sworn law enforcement, peace officers. The goal is not to monitor students but to encourage an environment that is safe for learning. Officers help make the campus accessible, safe, and secure. The department handles emergencies on campus, investigates criminal activity, patrols, and provides security to buildings and events.


Corporal Jack Lee Guthrie, Jr. leaves behind his two sons and daughter. Full military honors will be performed at his services. The Guthrie family joins the millions of other Americans who have lost a loved one to the virus. Friends, family, neighbors, and others will help the Guthrie family get through this challenging time.

The Crisis Response Ministry offered support for staff and students at all Dallas College Campuses. “Prayers over the family and friends of Corporal Jack Guthrie who succumbed in his fight against Covid. Our Dallas College PD Chaplain Corp – Chaplains Don Gieseke, Rob Milano, and myself are deploying out to the seven campuses starting today to meet officers at shift changes and have a Ministry of Presence as well as standing by for support anytime.”

Edward Smith, Vice President of Harvest America Heartland Response, spoke of the loss of Corporal Guthrie. “On Eastfield Campus with command staff. Keep Dallas College PD in your prayers as they feel not only the loss of Corporal Jack Guthrie but many are dealing w other people that are ill with cancer and Covid etc.”