In Memory of Corporal Ignacio J. Romero

In Memory of Corporal Ignacio J. Romero

Nevada residents recently learned that a local law enforcement officer had died in the line of duty. On Sunday, November 7, 2021, Corporal Ignacio J. Romero, badge number L350, died due to complications from contracting COVID19 while on duty.

When Americans first learned that a deadly pandemic was occurring, one of the first things we learned was that social distancing helps prevent the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, we also learned that certain occupations have a much higher risk of contracting the virus. These jobs included first responders, EMTs, medical workers, law enforcement, and frontline workers. These jobs do not allow for social distancing and directly contact other people throughout their day.

COVID19 has become the number one cause of line of duty deaths for law enforcement across the country. In 2021, 470 officers have lost their lives while on duty. The majority of these losses are due directly to the coronavirus. The federal government mandated that these deaths be considered a “line of duty” death to give full death benefits to the families of fallen officers to help ease the financial burden on families.

Corporal Ignacio Romero had served as a sworn officer with the Lander County Sheriff’s Office in Battle Mountain, Nevada. He loved his work in law enforcement. He was well known for his smile and positive attitude. He was proud to represent the badge.

Romero was known to love his job. However, he was also making a tremendous sacrifice to work out of state. The position paid more, and he wanted to provide a better life for his family. Romero was passionate about helping others. He was always willing to lend a hand, fix things, or even give the shirt off his back. His next love was tinkering, restoring, and rebuilding automobiles outside of work and family. He had his truck named “My Jenne” to show his love for his wife, Jenne.

Lander County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada

Romero was a proud member of the Lander County Sheriff’s Office. A small office requires its nearly 15 full-time officers to cover a significantly large area and serve about 5600 residents.

The LCSO has a jurisdiction of 5,519 square miles, of which 29 square miles of this area is water. The department works hard to develop community policing efforts. As the sheriff’s department, officers are responsible for patrol, investigations, victims’ services, jail operations, court security, and civil service.

Another challenge for officers working with the LCSO is mountainous terrain. The department is located in Battle Mountain, the Lander County Seat.


Corporal Ignacio J. Romero leaves behind his wife and three children. Unfortunately, the Romero children will join the hundreds of thousands of children in the US who have lost a parent or primary caregiver to the virus. Communities nationwide will need to start working on programs that will help encourage these youth to reach their full potentials.

The Fraternal Order of Prince Geoge’s County Police Lodge shared the news of the loss on their Facebook page. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and comrades in arms of Corporal Ignacio J. Romero of the Lander County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada. End of Watch Sunday, November 7, 2021.”

Sheriff Ron Unger of the Lander County Sheriff’s Office announced the loss to residents as well as included a link for donations to help the family. “Sheriff Ron Unger announces with great sorrow the passing of Corporal Ignacio Romero on November 7, 2021. Ignacio finished his fight with COVID-19 in the hospital with his family by his side. Ignacio is survived by his wife Jenne and their three children Jerry; age 10, Julian; age 18; and Hailey; age 20. He will be greatly missed. The Sheriff’s Office Employee Associations have set up a Go Fund Me for donations to the family.”