In Memory of Corporal Dean Savard

In Memory of Corporal Dean Savard

Detroit Corporal Dies from Coronavirus

On April 3, 2020, Michigan authorities were saddened to announce the loss of a veteran Detroit Corporal who lost his life due to complications of COVID19. Corporal Dean Savard, age 51, is assumed to have caught the virus while on duty at the Jail Division in Detroit. Both the jails and law enforcement agencies in Detroit had battled with an outbreak of the virus.

Corporal Savard dedicated his life to protecting others. He worked with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for more than 16 years. He is the second officer from the WCSO that has passed away from the virus. He was assigned to Wayne County Jail, Division 1, in downtown Detroit.

On March 25, Corp. Savard was not feeling well and began self-isolation. On March 27, he received positive results from his COVID19 test. Savard was eventually admitted to Garden City Hospital and placed on a ventilator. He died on April 3.

On April 18, 2020, many police vehicles lined up during a pair of processions. The officers and community had come out to honor Wayne County Sheriff Commander Donafay Collins and Corporal Dean Savard. The pair both died within days of each other from the coronavirus outbreak in Detroit.

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

Corporal Dean Savard gave his life and career to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. The WCSO is the primary law enforcement agency in Wayne County, serving the metropolitan area of Detroit. The agency has multiple divisions that include the Field Operations Division, Court Division, Training Center, and the Jail Division.

The deputies of the WCSO have multiple responsibilities in helping keep the community of Detroit safe and prosperous. This responsibility includes the management of the jails and its offenders. Both inmates and officers in the Detroit area have been fighting wave after wave of Coronavirus in their community.

Family to Pick Up Pieces

Families worldwide have suffered a loss due to COVID19 and are left behind to pick up pieces of their lives. Corporal Dean Savard left behind his wife and daughter. Coworkers, friends, and neighbors will help them continue and celebrate the life of Corp. Savard.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel spoke about both officers’ loss from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. “Law enforcement officers know from the minute they step foot in the academy that they are signing up for a life-and-death mission. They prepare for it, spend hours at the shooting range, learn expert driving maneuvers, practice ways to diffuse the most difficult and dangerous of situations, and always – always – learning to be courageous enough to run in when others run out. It is for them that we take this moment to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty in the most unexpected way – in a way that bulletproof vests and all the range practice in the world couldn’t protect them from. Like our health care workers, our law enforcement officers are also on the front lines of our current public health crisis. It is because of them – fearless, committed, and sincere protectors in our communities – that we’re reminded to live each day to ensure their ultimate sacrifice isn’t in vain. There are no words to adequately describe our deepest condolences to their families during this time of heartbreaking grief and sorrow. Please remember that you, too, are heroes among us as we owe you a debt of gratitude that we can never pay in full. Thank you for your loved one’s service, and thank you for sharing them with all of us. To every resident in this great state of Michigan, your life depends on doing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Do your part so that no one else has to sacrifice their life. Do your part so that no else has to mourn that sacrifice.”