In Memory of Code Enforcement Officer Adam Ray Arbogast

In Memory of Code Enforcement Officer Adam Ray Arbogast

The residents of Parsons, West Virginia, were saddened to learn that the local code enforcement officer had died in the line of duty. On Thursday, November 25, 2021, Code Enforcement Officer Adam Ray Arbogast passed away due to complications from COVID19. He likely contracted the virus while handling his duties and responsibilities with the Parsons Police Department. Officer Adam Arbogast was the proud wearer of badge CE1 and was 37 years old.

COVID19 has torn through this country and the world, taking millions of lives. In the US, hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives to the coronavirus pandemic. Early on, it was found that certain occupations were at higher risk for contracting the virus. Law enforcement, first responders, and undoubtedly medical workers were at extreme risk. However, those who continued to work risked their lives so that families could have groceries. America has these individuals to thank for our ability to persevere as a nation.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers have lost their lives to the global pandemic. Arbogast had recently become an officer, putting his life at risk in the middle of the viral crisis. Arbogast had served Parsons Police Department for one year.

Parsons Police Department, West Virginia

The city of Parsons, West Virginia, is a small rural community of approximately 1500 residents. Even though it is a small community, the area in West Virginia where it is located is sparsely populated, and Parsons is the county seat.

The Parsons Police Department is a fully accredited law enforcement agency; however, the number of officers is few due to the community they serve. They work conjointly with the city government and the Parsons Fire Department.

The department is reeling from the loss. The men and women in the community all knew each other as family. The department has a mission statement which is posted on the city government page. It reads as follows: “The Parsons Police Department is empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder in the City of Parsons. The Parsons Police Department is engaged in an array of activities, depending on the situation, but its predominant concern is the preservation of order.


Code Enforcement Officer Adam Ray Arbogast leaves behind his daughter. He also had other extended family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who would all mourn for his loss. Arbogast will receive honors at his service for sacrificing his life for others.

Friend and coworker Jeanette Swiger posted her condolences online. “Adam was always smiling and ready to go to work. We worked at HCC together. Adam was a good person, and I am sorry for his passing. You can bet for sure that he is in Heaven and asking the Lord if there are any job openings.”

Coworker Michael Stewart was saddened by the news of losing someone he thought of as a friend. “Adam was a great guy and friend. He was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back or do anything he could to help someone out if they needed it, and you could always count on him to have your back. I had the pleasure of working with Adam at HCC, and he was a hard worker who never rested until the job was done. We often talked at work and he would always talk about his family, especially his daughter and how much he loved them, and how excited he was to be a father. Condolences and prayers for the family; I’m terribly sorry to learn of his passing.”