In Memory of Chief Deputy Sheriff Lindal Dewayne Hall

In Memory of Chief Deputy Sheriff Lindal Dewayne Hall

Oklahoma Loses Chief Deputy to COVID19

On Monday, December 14, 2020, authorities in Oklahoma briefed residents about a fallen officer. Chief Deputy Sheriff Lindal Dewayne Hall, age 63, died from complications of COVID19. At the beginning of the pandemic, we learned that certain occupations were at a much higher risk for coming into contact with the virus. First responders and law enforcement were hit especially hard throughout 2020, and the losses continue today.

Law enforcement has always been considered a dangerous occupation. Never so much as it is today when, as Americans, we are losing hundreds of veteran officers to the coronavirus pandemic. Veteran offices with years of experience in protecting, serving, and representing our communities. Experience that, now gone, will leave us with a challenging future.

Both Sheriff Turner (MCSO) and Sheriff Ledbetter (HCSO) considered Chief Deputy Hall a dear friend as well as a respected coworker. Both Sheriffs mentioned Hall’s favorite yearly activity – deer hunting.

“He enjoyed hunting and fishing,” Ledbetter said. “He was out for vacation — he takes his vacation around Thanksgiving for deer season.”

Sheriff Turner spoke of starting out as a young officer under Hall’s guidance. “He was a man of faith. I worked for Dewayne when I first started as a jailer at 18 years old. I worked for Dewayne as a deputy in McIntosh County. And I worked with Dewayne since being sheriff of Haskell County. He loved to deer hunt. And that’s where you would find him during deer season. He’d be out there looking for that next big buck to hang on his wall.”

McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office

Chief Deputy Hall devoted his career to the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office. Located in the southeastern part of Oklahoma, the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) is located in the county seat of Eufaula.

Deputies working with the MCSO are also trained to recognize the laws of the Cherokee Nation. A small portion of the county falls onto Cherokee Nation reservation land. Deputy Hall had served with the MCSO for more than 22 years.

Deputies patrol and protect an area of more than 712 square miles each day. They provide protection and law enforcement services to more than 21,000 residents.


Families have changed in appearance in America during the past year due to the COVID19 pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of families will face an uncertain future, missing an important loved one. Chief Deputy Sheriff Lindal Dewayne Hall leaves behind his wife, two daughters, and a son. Hall was an amazing grandfather to six young grandchildren. Tragedy struck this family twice, as one week after Deputy Hall’s passing, his wife died from the coronavirus. It will take a great deal of support from family and friends to help this family in this difficult time.

The Haskell County Sheriff Tim Turner shared his condolences and remembrances of Chief Deputy Hall. “It’s a tragic loss for the citizens of McIntosh County. Dewayne was a man of integrity. He was devoted to serving the citizens of McIntosh County.”

McIntosh County Sheriff Kevin Ledbetter said that he and his fellow officers are devastated by the loss. “The walls in his office are covered with awards and training certificates. He always teased about being a famous lawman, but around here, he really was. All who knew and worked with him loved and respected him. We are devastated by this tragic loss, and our hearts are broken for his family. Our office will never be the same.”