In Memory of Captain Randy M. Vallot

In Memory of Captain Randy M. Vallot

Louisiana Loses Valued Officer to Coronavirus

Coronavirus has been hitting law enforcement agencies extremely hard. The loss of officers and their families has been enormous. Louisiana officials announced the death of a local Parish Captain to the complications of COVID19 on September 23, 2020. Captain Randy M. Vallot, age 59, had served his community in law enforcement for more than 18 years. He worked most recently with the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Cpt. Vallot is presumed to have caught the virus recently during an outbreak at the Sheriff’s office. Before joining the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office, Cpt. Vallot worked with the University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department. Friends and coworkers of Cpt. Vallot enjoyed working with him. He loved being a law enforcement officer, cared for people, and worked hard to positively influence the lives of all those he came into contact.

Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office

The most recent assignment for Capt. Randy Vallot was with the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office. He was Captain over the patrol units. The department is located in Rayville, Louisiana. The Parish’s law enforcement agency is a full-service sheriff’s department with more than 134 full-time sworn deputies and approximately 20 part-time deputies.

The agency provides safety and patrols for the entire Richland Parish in Louisiana. They work hard to provide an environment of safety and protection that allows families to live, grow, and thrive. The officers provide a range of services, including court security and management of the Richland Parish Jail.

Randy was a member of the Winnsboro United Pentecostal Church. He began his career of serving and protecting others through his faith. He graduated in 1986 with a theology major from the Texas Bible College.

A Large Family – Broken

Both large and small families have been broken, eternally, by the ravages of the pandemic. Captain Randy M. Vallot was the leader, father, and husband to an extended family that will be irreparably broken from the virus’s impact. He leaves behind his wife and seven children. He also had other extended family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers who will all be by their side to help cope with the loss.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office posted their condolences for Cpt. Vallot. “Please join us in remembering the families of these two men (Cpt. Vallot and LA State Trooper Hollingsworth) and members of the Louisiana State Police and the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office in your prayers. Both were respected, dedicated law enforcement officers, and will be missed.”

Port Clinton’s Police Department posted a message on their Twitter remembering Cpt. Vallot. “Rest in Peace Captain Randy Vallot” of the Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office (Louisiana)… #officerdown #rememberthefallen EOW 9/23/2020″