In Memory of Captain Michael D’Angelo Garigan

In Memory of Captain Michael D’Angelo Garigan

COVID Takes Life of Georgia Officer

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, Georgia officials sadly faced the public to announce the loss of yet another Georgian officer to the coronavirus. Captain Michael D’Angelo Garigan died from complications of COVID19. The 56-year-old had dedicated much of his life to serving his community through his work with the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office.

Thousands of law enforcement officers across the country continue to serve despite the deadliest threat they have ever faced. The danger does not come as violence, wondering who is in the car they just pulled over – but it comes from something invisible. The results have been devastating as we have continued to lose hundreds of officers to the virus.

Garigan wanted to be an officer, a leader in the community. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice when he attended Jacksonville State University. He became a member of the Gordon County Sheriff’s office, where he served for more than 31 years. At one point in his career, he served as Commander of the Jail Division.

Garigan was well-loved by his community, as he was active in various projects; he brought a smile with him everywhere he went. He was deeply faithful to his faith and served as Chairman of the Deacon Board at the First Corinth Christian Church. He was known and loved by hundreds of children in the community for his work with the Dare program.
Gordon County Sheriff’s Office

Captain Garigan was a 31-year member of the Gordon County Sheriff’s Office. The GCSO is a full-service law enforcement agency. The office consists of two bureaus. The Enforcement Bureau handles all patrol and criminal investigations. The Judicial Bureau manages the county jail and provides security for court services. The Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility to provide protection for all courts, process court orders, and operate the 376-bed county jail.

The GCSO is responsible for enforcing all state and county laws. Deputies work diligently to protect the lives, property, health, and welfare of community members. Officers patrol county neighborhoods and manage a community service program. The Enforcement Bureau patrols an area of more than 350 square miles daily and provides services to more than 60,000 residents.


COVID19 has devastated families across the globe. Captain Michael D’Angelo Garigan leaves behind his wife, three children, four grandchildren, and parents. The love of community members, fellow law enforcement officers, friends, and extended family will help the Garigan family celebrate the life of Capt. Garigan demonstrating gratitude for the sacrifice he made.

Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston announced the community’s loss, commenting on what a valued officer Garigan had been. “I am heartbroken today to inform the people of Calhoun and Gordon County that we have lost a great man and a wonderful public servant. Capt. Garigan served in the Sheriff’s Office for over three decades as a uniformed deputy, a detective, and most recently as the Jail Division Commander. He rose steadily through the ranks and was decorated on numerous occasions for bravery and excellent police work. He was extraordinarily popular in the community; he was a fighter. He loved people. He was a dedicated peace officer, a devoted Christian, and a loving family man. Our thoughts and prayers are with

Mike’s family at this time.

Capt. Garigan’s love of sports led him to become a member of the Power 107.7 Sport’s Team. The station issued the following statement about the loss of a great community friend.” We appreciate his service to our community, law enforcement, high school sports, and local broadcasting. Mike will be sorely missed.”